The word Rum is derived from the word 'Rumpus' . Rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage / spirit obtained after distillation of fermented mash of sugar molasses . In past rum used to be drank by slaves who worked at sugarcane plantation. The alcoholic strength of rum is between 37 % to 40 % by volume but over proof Rum may have upto 58% alcohol by volume. The most famous rum in the world comes from West Indies. We should always remember that Rum is made up sugarcane or by-product of sugarcane.

The types of Rum are :-

1. White Rum : It is light and neutral in flavour . They are stored in stainless steel or glass cask/ container and  matured for one year. In white rum caramel are not added . example, Bacardi

2. Dark Rum : Dark Rum is Richer in flavour and matured for three rum. The maturation is done in oak cask . In Dark Rum caramel is added. Example, lemon Hart 

3. Golden Rum : Golden Rum is matured for two to three years in charred cask and also caramel is added which makes it golden in colour . Captain Morgan is a golden rum.

Note - The longer the rum is stored in oak cask the darker will be the colour .  The method of producing all rum is same, sugar cane juice or its by-product is fermented which is then distilled however the colour depend upon storage time and addition of caramel.

4. Spice Rum : They are flavour with flavour of spices and are used in making cocktails.

Service of Rum :-

Large peg is 60 ml , while small peg is 30 ml and Rum is always served in old fashioned glass or High ball with either Hot water or coke , coffee  and soda water.

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