Hotel Safety and Security

Safety is used with reference to things such as disaster, fire prevention and protection where as security is used with protecting against terrorism and theft of hotel properties, guest properties. Some Hotel safety and security tips are :-

  • Security booklet should be designed for all employees
  • Develop crime prevention programme
  • Conduct spot security check
  • Monitor keeping record of all security related incidents
  • Background checking should be done for any criminal convictions before hiring employees
  • Orientation programmes should emphasize value of honesty
  • Effective key control programmed should be followed
  • Employee and guest parking should be far from hotel building with proper lighting
  • Security camera should be installed on parking areas
  • Suspicious things around hotel should not be touched and police must be reported immediately
  • Suspicious persons , activity should be reported
  • Use of master key should be re- stricted unless required
  • Guest should be request to deposit any valuable on safe deposit locker
  • Police should be called on suspicious threat.
  • Employee should be trained on handling emergency procedure
  • Every hotel should develop standard Emergency protocol to be followed.
  • Strangers should not be allowed to roam free on hotel premises
  • Use less dustbins as possible in lobby areas
  • All baggage and vehicle should be screened properly for security measure
  • All areas of hotel should be well monitored by security personnel
  • VIP and sensitive person check -in should remain confidential.
  • Unknown calls should not be directly transferred to guest .
  • Any visitor should be recorded with their name and identity in register
  • Proper fire fighting equipment should be arranged.
  • Staff and guest entry and exit should be separate 

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