Service of Beer | popular Brands of Beer

Some popular brands of Beer :-

  • Nepal - Nepal ice , Everest

  • America - Budweiser

  • German - worsteiner , pils

  • Denmark - Tuborg and carlsberg

  • Australia - Foster

  • England - London's pride

  • Japan - kivin

  • Philippines - San Miguel

  • Dutch - Heineken

  • Mexico - Corona 

  • India - king fisher


1. Canned beer and bottled beer can be used from six month to a year while draught beer within a month.

2. Beer should be always served chilled

3. Never served beer on dirty glass. A beer served in clean glass will retain foam for longer period of time and beer served in dirty glass will loose foam instantly when served on glass. 

4. Serve beer on brand on proper brand beer. example , serve carlsberg on carlsberg glass , Tuborg on Tuborg glass 

5. Beer glass should be chilled but not frozen

6. Beer glass should be washed separate from hotel crockery and cutlery

7. Served beer on glass with foam

8. Handle glass on stem or base

9. Served beer with care preventing spillage .

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