Japanese Cuisine - Tools and Equipment

Japanese cuisine uses some unique Tools and Equipment which no other world uses in preparation of dishes. Some tools and equipment used in Japanese cuisine are :-

  • Bamboo mat :- It helps to make sushi by helping shaping of soft ingredients to rolls. It is made of bamboo. 

  • Bento box :- It has compartment and used to transport lunch or dishes . 

  • Chopstick :- Cooking chopstick is called saibashi which is twice as longer than eating chopstick. 
  • Chopstick holder :- it is also called hashoiki and use to hold chopstick as it is Japanese etiquette that chopstick are not left on table 

Beside these tools and equipment , other Equipment like cutting board , knives , miso strainer, mortar and pestle , omlette pan , skewers are also used in Japanese cuisine.

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