Tourist | Characteristics | Types

The word Tour is derived from the Latin "Tornare" meaning  a Circe. Tourist starts his journey from a origin and reach back to his destination. Tourist is a person travelling out from his environment and must not be involved in earning activities in destination. He must generate Economic activities in destination. He visits different new places mainly for recreational at leisure period. He must stay at destination for at least 24 hour and less than a year . A Tourist is a temporary visitor staying at least for 24 hour in the country visited with purpose of either leisure or Business. 


  • His movement takes place outside the usual environment away from home
  • He should not be involved in any employment or earning purpose
  • He is a guest but impersonal guest
  • He travels and stay at various place for recreation purpose
  • He travel at destination and stay at least for 24 hour 
  • His movement should be of temporary nature and must generate Economic activities in destination.


Some types of tourist are :-

1. Business tourist - it is related with MESE , meeting, exhibition and special events. They are tourist travelling with purpose of Businesses. 

2. Educational tourist - They travel to attend a place of learning in another town , city or college in order to study . They travel for educational purpose 

3. Incentive tourist - incentive is a reward by company for motivation and incentive tourist are people rewarded for their hardwork , achieving goals set by company .

4. Health tourist - they are tourist travelling to visit for any special medical treatment, spa are health Tourist. Example, many people travel to South Africa for plastic surgery. 

5. Adventure Tourist - They want exciting experience and participate in activities that may be dangerous like rock climbing, river rafting , skydiving, bungee jumping e.t.c

6. Cultural Tourist - They are tourist travelling to experience different culture .

7. Eco - tourists - They travel to experience nature 

8. Leisure tourist - They are tourist travelling for recreational activities to have break from usual routine. 

9. Special interest tourist - They have particular interest and are travelling for particular interest like bird watching, fishing, flower, Butterfly.

10. Sport tourist - They are tourist travelling for watching sporting events. 

11. Youth Tourist - they are traveling with little luggage on a budget and want to experience adventure , excitement . Example, a group of young tourists on walking tour, travelling country 

12. Tourist travelling to visit friends and relatives - They travel to visit friends and relative . They may travel to attend wedding, , funeral , birthday celebration .

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