Sushi and It's Types

Sushi is very popular food throughout the world and in Japan. It is marked as contribution by Japanese cuisine to the world. It is cooked vinegared rice which is combined with other raw fish and other sea food. Good sushi relies on freshness of the ingredients and knife skill of chef. 


1. Chirashizushi :- It is scattered sushi and type of sushi served in a bowl with rice. It is usually covered with various topping called 'gu' . Number of topping varies but 9 seems to be common number. It is very popular in Japanese home as it is simple and can be made with leftovers.

2. Nigirizushi :- it meant hand pressed sushi. It is made of hand and formed rectangle of sushi rice with swipe of wasabi on top . There is topping of tuna , salmon or other seafood as finishing

3. Inarizushi :- This is a pouch of fried tofu filled with sushi rice. Tofu is cut into slice and fried twice , first at 110 - 120 degree Celsius while secondly at 180 -200 degree Celsius. 

4. Oshizushi :- It is a pressed sushi and also known as halo sushi which meant box sushi. A wooden mould called oshibako is used to make this form of sushi.

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