Condiments can be spice, sauce or other food which is used to add flavour to the food. They add enjoyment by enhancing taste of main word. They are edible food items which are addition to dish or meal. Condiment is derived from Latin word ' condimentum ' meaning spice or seasoning. 

Some example of condiments are :- 

Aioli : They are sauce made of garlic , eggyolk, olive oil and seasonings

Barbecue sauce : They are flavouring sauce used for marinating , bastings and topping for cooked meat.

Chilli sauce : They are condiments prepared with chilli pepper and red tomato.

Chutney : It is popular in South Asian cuisine made from spices , veg and fruits. 

Cocktail sauce : cocktail sauce is condiment with main ingredient ketchup and chilly sauce and lemon juice , Tobasco sauce and worcestershire sauce are added.

Fish sauce :

Soy sauce : Soy sauce is salty condiment originated in China produced through Fermentation of soyabean and wheat.

Thousand Island dressing : Thousand island dressing is also a condiments made of mayonnaise and tomato ketchup with kosher salt , lemon juice.

Ketch up :

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