Serving Rule of Wines

There are several rules which should be followed while serving the wine to our guest/customer. 

1. Red wine should be served cool

2. White and Rose wine should be served cold

3. Sparkling wine should be served iced cold

4. Serve white wine with white meat and Red wine with red meat.

5. Never ever pair sweet wine with food item sweeter than wine

6. Use only corkscrew to open bottle of wine

7. Don't serve wine with coffee

8. Always serve wine from right hand side of guest.

9. Serve wine at appropriate glass

10. Always serve the ladies first at host last

11. Remember to exchange glass if new brand of wine is choosen

12. Never pour the wine glass full.

13. Serve port, Madeira and Marsala at room temperature

14. Standard measure for fortified and aromatized wine is 60 ml.

15. Serve creamy sherry chilled and sweet sherry at room temperature.

16. Serve lighter body wine first and then richer wine.

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