Sources of Reservation

More than 50% of hotel bookings are made through Reservation. The various source through which Reservation are :-

1. Hotel websites :- Hotel websites are also source of significant amount of Reservation . The website is user friendly and saves lot time . It also saves extra money from agents as Reservation is done in direct. 

2. Central Reservation system :- They provides toll free numbers and regular web updates. It is computerized systems that arranges travel of guest by booking and also stores information of hotel . The information like Room rates, room types, availability, Hotel room features , price , easy cancellation and deposits are provided. Regular updates of room in main computer is very essential by employees.

3. Travel agents :- They are backbone of tourism industry . Mutual agreement have to be done with them . They also conduct group tour so they negotiate with hotel for reasonable pricing on food and room. They promote new destination as well. 

4. Commercial Business houses :- The Business house reserve room for various purposes like meeting and  seminars for employee and guest. They are important source of Reservation through out year

5. Government office and Association :-They reserve room for their guests , diplomats , foreign delegate. When a big regional Function of government is going to be held , large number of participants arrives from different countries. 

6. Global distribution system :- The global distribution system mainly aims travel agencies. It connects travel agencies and service provider. It is due to G.D.S the Reservation and travel arrangements becomes so fast . Notable GDS are Galileo central reservation systems, Sabre computer system. Various hotel rates can be compared at same time and different service from different service provider can also be done for convenience. 

7. Airlines , Educational institutes , Embassy are also source of Reservation. 

8. Free individual Traveller :- He is guest without prior Reservation and also known as walk - in guest. He is neither a guest from travel agencies nor guest from group. 

9. Tour operators :- Tour operators package tour programmes and sells in bulk. They co - ordinate with hotel , airlines , cruise ship . They help to maintain business in off season.

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