Coordinating Department of Front Office

Front office is the hub of hotel . No Department in hotel survive alone . It is not only the front office department working towards customer satisfaction. The friction between the departments should be minimum.

1. Food production department :-

Kitchen prepares meals as per the room plan for in - house guests which is communicated by front office department. Kitchen also prepare food items of menu as per order of guest , which is informed by front office department

2. Housekeeping department :-

They co - ordinate with each other for , to arrange room for VIP and group check in, to clear departure room, to prepare room report, to deal with guest laundry and  verify guest with scanty baggage . Also , for clean uniform front office should co ordinate 

3. Food and beverage service department :-

The front office department coordinates with food and beverage department for following information :-
  • Setting up bar in VIP Rooms
  • Complimentary services and to inform about VIP guests, number of guest so setup can be done easily , function going to be held.
  • To provide food and drink in guest room
4. Bell desk :- 

  • To carry guest luggage on arrival and departure
  • To help paging the guest
  • For correct verification of room information in case of room discrepancy
  • To verify guest with scanty Baggage
5. Accounts department :-

  • To collect guest bills for check out of guest
  • To update guest bills and update them
  • To calculate room rate
  • To deal with city ledger
6. Telephone operations :-

  • To handle incoming and outgoing calls
  • Guest message handling
  • To deal with wake up calls
7. Engineering department :-

They communicate with each other for maintenance service. front office staffs informs this Department for any work require in guest room. Engineering department should know occupancy status of room before performing their maintenanec tasks

8. Human resource department :-

Human resource department may ask front office to screen job candidates and also need co-ordination for hiring new employees, promotion, bonus ,transfer . Optimum co-ordination is crucial.

9. Purchase and store Department :-

It is the Department responsible for all activities related to purchase and store I'm hotel. Front office department co - ordinates with this Department for purchasing several Equipments and machine used in front office.

10. Security department :- 

The co - ordination is required for guest security and also security department provides emergency situation handling training to front office department and training to identify suspicious person, dealing with them initially.

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