Writing Letter for confirmation of Reservation

                                                     Karki Hotel,
                                                     Beijing, China
                                              26th February 2020,

Mr. Steve Rogers
Morang, Nepal

                      Ref: confirmation of reservation

Dear Mr. Rogers,

Thank you very much for your letter dated 25th February 2020. As per your request, the following reservation has been made for you with reservation confirmation number Np5678.

Name: Mr. Steve Rogers
Date of arrival: ...............
Date of departure:............
No of nights : 07 night
Room type :- suite 01
No of person : 01
Room rate : 300 £ 
Room plan : corporate package with continental plan( Room+ breakfast)
Special request: Room with garden view

In addition to the above, could you please call us to guarantee the reservation by credit/bank draft or write us to confirm  by 30th February. All information you required are attached attached here.

Looking forward to welcome you on 20 th of April at hotel.

                                                    Your sincerely,
                                                     Deepan Smith
                                                  ( Room manager)

While writing for confirmation, record the copy in order. Never refuse to reply even you are booked fully and reply without delay.Ask for a guaranteed reservation and assure you care for guest offering different information.

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