Pate and Terrine

Pate is a mixture of ground meat and fat minced into spreadable paste with common additives including vegetables, herbs, spices and sometime  brandy. They can be served either hot or cold but developed it's full flavour after few days of chilling.  It may be baked in a crust as pie or loaf . In french it is termed as pate en croute . The most famous pate is probably pate de foie- gras , made from fattened live of geese. 


Various equipments are required for making pate which are :-
1. Pate miles ( gives apparence of final product weather oval , rectangular, tapered)
2. Pastry wheels
3. Scissors
4. Aluminium foil
5. Palette knives
6. Round cutters


The following ingredients are required for making pate dough which are :-

Flour - 1/2 kg
Butter - 70 gram
Margarine - 100 gram
Baking powder - 5 gram
Water - 130 ml
Salt - 1 teaspoon
Eggs - 1 no.s

  • With these ingredients we will make pate dough now the method of preparation is :-
  • We will sieve baking powder and flour and rub shortening and butter in flour. Then, we will combine other ingredients . All ingredients are combined so we will knead it till it becomes smooth and kept it overnight in refrigerator by shaping dough into flat or rectangular shaped.
  • In second step we will oil the mold lightly and roll dough . The rolling should be in such a way it should be overhanged in four side ( rolled dough).
  • Now, we will carefully press dough in corner of the mold so air bubble will not be formed and refrigerate the line dough for half hour to hour
  • After this it is now time for us to fill the mold with prepared Forcemeat leaving 1/2 inch gap on corner and Forcemeat is placed in several layer by pressing with palette knife so to reduce risk of air pockets in finished product 
  • Now , we will cover the mold with our hanged dough on top and seal it. We will cut carefully two small holes on top for excess steam to escape. Our pate is now ready for cooking 
  • Cooking takes place in two stages :- Browning stage where we will cover surface with foil and place mould in pre-heated oven at 475 degree Fahrenheit for 10 minutes and remove it from oven and allow it to rest for 12-15 minutes. The surface will show some hint of brown . Now, we will uncover the pate and apply lightly egg wash on top of pate . Now it is heated in oven at 375 degree Fahrenheit untill internal temperature is reached 170 degree Fahrenheit. our  Pate is not complete yet . Now we will fill pate with aspic after allowing pate to cool at room temperature. It will be slowly absorbed into meat and will also fill the sides where air pocket or shrunken has been formed during cooking. We will allow pate to chill overnight before removal and slice it. 


Terrine is a fresh forcemeat similar to pate but made with more chinked meat or coarsely chopped meat. They are usually served cold or at room temperature. Terrine is derived from the Latin word Terra which meant earth. Terrine is also known as pate en terrine which was traditionally cooked in earthenware mould with tight fitting lid . The materials used was earthenware at past but now days it is made of steel , aluminium. Similarly, they were served directly from the mould traditionally but now it is un-molded and sliced for servings .


Terrine making is simple , we will prepare terrine mold and line it with rolleddough now, we  fill with Forcemeat and give any garnish required. Again, the line is folded over the Forcemeat to encase it completely with lid or foil covering terrine. Now it's time to cook the terrine gently in water bath with enough simmering water by keeping temperature of water bath at 170 degree Fahrenheit. We will cook to correct internal temperature and cooled it then pressed, stored untill ready to serve . The water used should be hot but not boiling. 

Note :- pressing will release trapped air pocket and keep terrines smooth . Pressing involves , pressing with heavy objects. 

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