Fast Food Operations | Characteristics | social aspects

Fast Food offers fast service in just a few minutes. They are sectors of Food service industry which includes Fast Food restaurants which are known for their quick service of food items. Food items are offered to customer from a limited menu which are usually pre-cooked and are normally prepared in bulk . Popular example of Fast Food are - Burger king , KFC , Pizza hut , Taco bell , McDonalds , Burger king , Subway e.t.c.

KFC is located in more than 25 countries , pizzahut in more than 97 countries , McDonald in more than  126 countries while Subway is in more than 90 countries. Fast food is the most growing industry in Hospitality Industry and is multi - billion dollar industry. Youth to old age people are very addicted towards Fast Food and is very popular throughout the world. Fast food began with First Fish and chips shop in Britain. 


Customer expectation varies but main things that every customer expects is to get their order right in appropriate time with good and friendly staff . They also expects delicious, well presented food and high quality of food - Price value for money. 

Some characteristics of Fast Food are :-

  • They offer quick service 
  • They have restricted Menus/ limited 
  • Food items are sold for immediate consumption
  • The service is very speedy
  • There may be provision of  self service and Counter service
  • Price are also not expensive and Food items served are hot and tasty
  • Food items are pre - cooked and cooked in bulk
  • They may be either Franchise own or private own
  • Their motto is fast food leads to fast life.


Food is an important integral part of life . Social aspects of fast foods includes mainly family influence, social influences outside family and Effective advertising. Fast food operates in society and the society directly have influence. It plays an important social functions and activities including intake of fast food are influenced by human societies.  The distinct social group are families , friends circle . Fast food provides Fast service in society . It is very popular among youths of society but too much consumption of fast food is related with Heart disease, obesity , high cholesterol and depression


Psychological motives includes feelings and emotions that force us to eat. The most important variation of Feelings are natural hunger. It satisfies our hunger and the ability to experience and feel fast food is unique and common. People attitude towards Fast food are shaped from early age and are strongly influenced by eating habits. People with busy life style and urban areas tends to be consuming fast food significantly more than rural areas/ country villages. Similarly, It is very popular among youth age group living in city who gathers and consumes fastfood on daily basis.

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  1. Hey there, thanks for sharing the blog post and letting us know about the social and psychological aspects about the fast food. I have been to many fast food restaurant but not all of them were great!!

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