Galantine | Aspic Making

Galantine is a French dish  of de-boned stuffed meat , most commonly made of poultry or fish that is poached and served cold then coated with aspic . It is often stuffed with Forcemeat and pressed into Cylindrical shape . Galantine is elaborate dish which is often lavishly decorated. They are made from boned poultry , sewn back into birds skin and poached into rich stock which is preserved in natural jelly.  Galantine is a ground meat mixture , that is Forcemeat mixture which is wrapped in skin of the and made from chicken or breast by rolling fresh meat in large pieces of skin , giving it Cylindrical shape when cut into
round slices. It can be prepared very easily by carefully remove the skin and bone of the bird for galantine. it is then fill and rolled. It can be prepared either by poaching or roasting and cooled directly in cooking liquid . 


ASPIC are made of gelatin . It is savoury jelly typically made of clear stock , consommes , Broths , juices and wines. Meat stock is boiled longer enough to release natural gelatin . 

Aspic is rich in nutrition and amino acid. Aspic can be used as a means for preserving meat for centuries. The base for traditional aspic is meat and any variety will fine being beef , poultry and pork the common. In France it is also known as chaud froid and turns jelly when cooled. it is used to set food in a mold which is chilled , sliced and served. The gelatin in aspic seals off oxygen and prevent bacterial growth. Making aspic is time consuming so cook goes through alternative process by directly adding gelatin to basic clear stock. The bones with plenty of cartilage is selected and The more tendons on the bones , the better. The bones will be bringed to boil and vegetables, herbs and spices are added which is then further boiled and strain several times to ensure  clear aspic. While storing, we have to ensure cover it so that it doesn't absorb any odours from the refrigerator or get knocked.

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