portion control and portion size of various dishes

Portion control is the art of controlling size or quantity of food to be served to each customer. Some portion control equipment are :- scoops, ladles, Fruit juice glasses , soup plates or bowl  e.t.c and the main purpose of portion control is to control wastage, make sure ever customer gets fair portion.

Food portion sizes of today are far bigger than they were in the past hence, we are taking more calories . Also today, overeating is a major concern and are plenty of reason why people eat more than they actually need but, doing it on regular basis might result in serious health issues from gaining weight to diabetes so for a healthy life of customer ,portion control plate is off top priority for customer. 

It is a way to ensure that our customers are eating Nutritious food and are not overeating. A good understanding of portion control comes from knowing how much particular food will satisfy the customer. A portion controlled plate will include about half filled with vegetables and salad , one quarter should contain good quality protein and the remaining quarter should contain complex carbohydrates and small serving of healthy fat. 

A serving size is a standardized measured amount of food but portion size is the amount we choose to eat and portion size is always less than serving size . 



Orange juice : 120 gm
Cornflakes.   : 30 gm
Milk.              : 115 gm
Sugar.            : 5 gm
Butter.           : 10 gram
Jam.               : 30 gram
Toast.            : 25 gm
Egg.               : 2 * 60 gm
Bacon           : 40 gram


Soup.    : 200 ml
Chicken : 130 gram
Potato.  : 120 gram
Beef.       : 120 gram
Juice      : 120 gram


Rice , pasta , Hot cereals = 1/2 cup
Bread = 1 slices
Cold cereals = 1 cup
Cook vegetables = 1 cup
Raw leafy vegetables = 2 cup
100% vegetable juice = 1/4 cup
Cut up fruit = 1/2 cup
100% fruit juice = 1/4 cup
Milk or yogurt = 1 cup
Soup = 1 cup
Slice of pizza = 1 slice 
Cooked fish = 3 ounces
Ice cream = one scoop
Cooked meat or poultry = 3 ounces 
Egg = 1 whole egg or 2 egg whites
Veg oil , other oil = 1 tbsp

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