Marketing Considerations of Fast Food

Marketing Considerations helps to ensure we are effectively understanding and reaching target market. The marketing Considerations are also known as 5 p's of Marketing- product, price, promotion , place and people. They are key marketing elements which we used to position a business strategically. 

1. Product :- It refers to the product and service i.e food items , types of service we are going to offer to our customers. We have to think about quality, appearance, packaging and our customers needs to understand advantage and benefits - why to choose us while thinking about food. Our products should meet expectations of customer . We have to offer our products and services differ from competitors.

2. Price :-It refers to the pricing we are charging for our food items and services. Price charged should cover food cost, Labour cost, Overhead Expenses and make a profit. Price should be very carefully placed observing the paying capacity of locality and people around. What our competitors charging should also be find out .If we are charging High price we should provide same quality of service and food items. It is very important factor 

3. Promotion :- It refers to activities that make our business known to customer/others in town. Promotion helps in branding of our food items and includes different form of advertising , public relation activities e.t.c. Performing live music / event/ Function surely helps in promotion of our new establishment. 

4. Place :- Place is very vital as it refers where we are going to sell our products and services. We have to ensure our customers can easily find us and our location is in easy access by any means. We have to ensure that our products are available to customer at right time at right place and in right quantity. 

5. People :- Here, people refers to working staff , sales person  working for us and our business. They should focused on customer and customer service as Happy customer will be repeat customers and if they fail to satisfy customer ,they are not going to come back. 
Understanding the market segment is very important for us just like other. It will ultimately guide us in Providing better service by knowing expectations of customer and what they demands. Time changes and so does need therefore , Marketing consideration is very useful.

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