Chinese Menu Items 1

 Chinese Menu Items - I

Shredded chicken with chilli oil

Hot and sour soup

Vegetable fried Rice 

Fried fish with Hot garlic sauce 

Sliced vegetables with bamboo shoots and Mushrooms

Salad julienne

Note : The Following Recipe is for 4 number of pax and please write it in standard recipe Format.

Shredded chicken with chilli oil

It is boneless boiled chicken with chilli oil

Ingredients and quantity

Boiled chicken.                400 gram

Chilli oil ( hot garlic).     3 tbsp

Green chillies.                 50 gram

Garlic.                               20 gram

Ginger julienne.             20 gram

Sesame oil.                      30 ml

Vinegar.                            Little

Seasoning                          TT

For garnish

Spring onion


Methods of Preparation :

  • Boil the chicken, shred it and keep it aside
  • Cut green chillies , garlic , spring onion in slice and add julienne cut ginger
  • Mix shredded chicken with green chillies , garlic , spring onion, ginger , vinegar and sesame oil
  • Season with salt and pepper and garnish with corriander. Serve chilled

Hot and sour soup

It is hot and sour soup of Mixed vegetables with black fungus often

Ingredients and quantity

Oil.                         30 ml

Garlic.                   4 cloves ( fine chopped)

Chilli.                    2 ( fine chopped )

Ginger.                 20 gm ( Fine chopped)

Spring onion.      30 gm (chopped )

Carrot.                  50 gm

Capsicum.            50 gm

Beans.                   20 gm

Water/stock.        6 cup

Vinegar.               40 ml

Chilli sauce.         30 gm

Ketchup/ sugar.   20 gm

Salt.                         TT

Pepper                    TT

Methods of Preparation :

  • Heat oil in a pot and add chopped garlic, chopped ginger, chopped chilli
  • Add chopped spring onion and cook till soft. Add brunoise cut vegetables and stir fry till vegetables are half cooked
  • Add water , soya sauce , vinegar , chilli sauce and boil for 5 minutes
  • Thick the soup by adding corn Flour and cook till soup is slightly thick.
  • Garnish with spring onion

Chef Note : you can blanch the vegetable also

Vegetable Fried Rice

It is long grain Rice fried with fresh vegetables.

Ingredients and quantity

Steamed rice.                 1 kg

Oil.                                  2 Tbsp

Sesame oil.                    1 Tbsp

Brocolli.                        100 gram

Cauliflower.                 100 gram

Carrot.                          100 gram

Beans french.             100 gram

Green peas.                100 gram

Kikamon sauce           little

Seasoning.                    TT

MSG ( Ajino Moto).     TT

Method of preparation :

  • Boil the long grain rice upto 95% till done and strain it
  • Cut vegetables , cauliflower and broccoli into medium florist , carrot in brunoise Nd french beans sliced
  • Blanched all vegetables
  • In a wok , heat oil , add blanched vegetables , kikamon sauce and mix well
  • Add the boiled rice and mix properly
  • Sprinkle some seasoning, MSG and few drops of sesame oil. 
  • Serve Hot and garnish with spring onion 

Chef Note : MSG stands for monosodium glutamate and is not recommended for children under 18 months of age and pregnant women. It is known by Ajino Moto/testing powder in Nepali

Fried Fish with Hot garlic sauce

It is crispy fried piece of fish mixed with hot garlic sauce.

Ingredients and Quantity

Fish                          1 kg

Corn flour              30 gram

Flour.                     100 gram

Egg.                         1 no.

Chilli oil.                2 Tbsp

Salt , pepper.         TT

MSG.                       TT

Oil.                      For deep fry

Methods of Preparation :

  • Take the flesh out of fish
  • In a bowl , keep fish flesh and add cornflour , egg , chilli oil , MSG and mix well
  • Heat pan , add oil and deep fry it.

For Hot Garlic sauce, 

Ingredients and quantity

Chopped ginger and garlic.       40gm

Chilli paste                                    20 gm

Tomato ketchup/garlic sauce.   50 gm

Soya sauce                                   2/3 drops

Sesame oil.                                 Few drops

MSG.                                              TT

Cornflour.                                   10 ml

Methods of Preparation :

  • Heat sauce pot , add oil
  • Add chopped garlic , ginger and then fry
  • Add chilli paste , garlic sauce / tomato ketchup , soya sauce , sesame oil , MSG and at last cornflour .

Sliced vegetables with bamboo shoot and Mushrooms

It is mixed seasonal vegetables with bamboo shoot and Mushrooms

Ingredients and quantity 

Oil.                    2 Tbsp

Chopped ginger & garlic.       2 Tbsp

Mushroom.                              100 gram

Cabbage.                                   50 gram

French beans.                          50 gram

Carrot.                                       50 gram

Bamboo shoot.                        100 gram

Soy sauce                                  2 Tbsp

White stock.                             100 ml

Sesame oil.             15 gm

Cornflour.              15 gm

Seasoning.              TT

Methods of Preparation :

  • Wash all Vegetables and cut into slices 
  • Heat oil , add chopped ginger , Garlic. Toss vegetables with bamboo shoot and Mushrooms.
  • Season it with sesame oil , salt , pepper ,MSG , soy sauce .
  • Add water, boil and thick it with cornflour
  •  Garnish with spring onion.

Salad julienne

It is fresh vegetables in julienne served with vinaigrette seasoning.

Ingredients and quantity

Cabbage.             100 gm

Carrot.                 100 gm

Capsicum.           100 gm

Vinaigrette dressing.      50 ml

Lettuce leaf.                      4 nos

Methods of Preparation :

  • Prepare vinaigrette dressing
  • Cut carrot , cabbage , capsicum into julienne 
  • In a bowl , mix julienne cut Vegetables with vinaigrette dressing
  • Serve in a bed of lettuce as accompaniment

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