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Oeuf Florentine

Soupe a'la oignon toscan

SeaFood Risotto au basilic

Panmolle salade

Note: The Following Recipe is for 4 no. of person and please write it in standard recipe format which I have illustrated in details in separate article.

Oeuf Florentine

Ingredients and quantity

Butter          2 tbsp

Garlic chopped    1 tsp

Spinach     200 gram

Nutmeg     a pinch

Salt            to taste

Pepper     to taste 

Eggs.         4 no.s

Vinegar.   1 tbsp

Bechamel sauce.    100 ml

Cheese    50 gram

Methods of Preparation :

  • Wash spinach and blanch it
  • Chop spinach 
  • Heat  a pan , add butter and add chopped garlic and add chopped spinach
  • Season it with salt , pepper and nutmeg
  • Prepare a pot with water and poached the egg one by one 
  • Now , make a base of sauteed spinach and add poached egg on spinach bed
  • Top up with bechamel sauce and sprinkle some grated cheese on top

Soupe a'l oignon toscan 

Ingredients and quantity

Pork Ham          100 gram

Onion.                200 gram

Olive oil.            30 gram

Garlic.                30 gram

Chicken stock.  800 ml

Cheddar cheese   75 gram

Butter.                50 gram

Bread.                 4 slices

Seasoning.         To taste

Parsley.              To garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Cut the pork Ham into dices , boil it then fry for 2/3 minutes till golden brown colour
  • Heat a sauce pan, add oil then add onion and garlic . Cook on high heat for few minutes and reduce the heat , cover and cook for 10 minutes or untill onion lightly caramelized
  • Add chicken stock to the sauce pan , boil and simmer 
  • Toast the slices of bread on both side till golden brown . Spread butter on top of toasted bread and cheddar cheese. Cut into dices then
  • Add fried ham to the soup and season it with salt and pepper
  • Serve it in soup bowl and top it with dice bread cubes and garnish by parsley

Seafood Risotto au basilic

Ingredients and quantity

Seafood Mix.           300 gram

Risotto Rice             400 gram

Fish stock.               350 gram

Butter                      30 gram

Olive oil.                 30 gram

Onion                      50 gram

White wine            100 ml

Basil leaf.                50 gram

Parmesan cheese   100 gram

Seasoning.              To taste 

Green peas.            100 gram

Dil leaves.               Garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Blanch the mix seafood and lightly saute it in butter
  • Blanch the green peas and Chop onion then , keep it aside
  • Take a pot , add butter and olive oil then add onion. Fry the onion till onion become translucent or soft but not golden brown
  • Mix the risotto rice ,then stir well to coat in butter mixture
  • Add white wine then , cook stirring untill wine has evaporated
  • Add fish stock , usually add 3/4 ladles and cook stirring untill rice has absorbed stock. Repeat the process in medium heat until rice is cooked 
  • Now , add basil leaves , mix seafood and green peas. Finish it by adding seasoning and parmesan cheese .
  • Garnish with prawn and dill leaves

Panmolle Salade

Ingredients and quantity

Tomato.                      100 gram

Red bell pepper.        50 gram

Yellow bell pepper.   50 gram

Cucumber.                 100 gram

Onion.                         50 gram

Caper ( crushed ).      10 gram

Basil.                            8/10 leaf

Olive oil.                      1 tbsp

Mustard paste            1 tbsp

Salt                               To taste 

Pepper.                        To taste

Parsley.                       Garnish

Lettuce leaf                few

Garlic chopped.          1 teaspoon

White bread.               1 slice

Method of preparation :

  • Cut the bread into 1 inch cube and heat the pan . Add oil , breadcube , salt and toss untill light brown in colour
  • Wash and cut the vegetable into medium dice shape
  • For dressing , mix oil , vinegar , garlic , mustard paste and seasonings
  • Mix crushed capers , basil fresh , toasted bread and add dressing
  • Place lettuce on salad plate and arrange salad
  • Garnish with parsley and serve cold


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