Egg Curry Recipe



Boiled eggs , boiled potatoes , Kashmiri mirch , Turmeric powder , oil , whole garam Masala , onion , Tomatoes , Ginger garlic paste , Garam masala 


  • Heat oil , add Turmeric powder and Kashmiri mirch in oil and add boiled eggs for colour 

  • Now , remove egg after some times and add cumin seed , whole garam Masala

  • Then , add chopped onion and cook it till becomes golden brown and add GG paste 

  • Add Turmeric powder , garam masala, Kashmiri mirch , cumin and corriander powder and add tomatoes chopped

  • Now , add salt and cook tomatoes till it becomes tender

  • Add boiled potatoes cut into dices and stir a while then , add egg and sir it. Add water boiled it , then add corriander leaf .

Note: ( while frying egg ,slant cut into one side of egg to prevent it from splashing)

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