Host Etiquette and Guest Etiquette For Dinner

Host Etiquette and Guest Etiquette For Dinner.

Let's talk about Hosts and guest etiquette. If you are hosting a dinner/party/ formal events in a restaurant then, you are a host to others. Being a host , you have to consider the guest tastes and make early planning on certain Aspects like How many will be there?, Will the guest be vegetarian or non-vegetarians , what restaurant they prefers e.t.c or else ,it may spoil the evening for all.
Moreover , after considering these aspects the host needs to make reservation. Imagine a Friday evening, inviting all your guests and you are without reservation with all restaurants in town full. So reservation is a most. Similarly, always arrive 20 minutes ahead of time as being a host you are required to have punctuality a most. If your group are late, you have to ask captain to allow late party and let present guest be seated. Now , let's talk about escorting the guest to table , always walk behind guest when guests are leading by captain and always walk front if the guest are not lead by captain. You have to greet all guests making them clear that they can pre-order beverages ,  order any items from menu even if you are not ordering. If your guest are confused in ordering you have to make suggestions saying it looks delicious, it might be tasty , let's try these e.t.c. similarly , if meals arrived in different time you have to suggest to eat food to those that have received and never discuss the price of menu while paying the check . If there are any error made by waiter tell guest you will handle it and speak to waiter politely instead of being rude .
These are some basic host Etiquette one needs to remember . Similarly, you need to remember guest etiquette as well being a guest. Some guest etiquette to be remembered are :if you arrive before the host and are seated at table , do not order anything except water.  You should also not criticize location of table . similarly, Don't order most expensive items from the menu. Just Order something  priced in same ranges as other order and don't complain about anything. If there is very wrong then only send food back.

Special Dining Etiquette situation 
If you dropped items , don't pick it up. Tell waiter who will retrieve the items and replace it. But , this rule don't apply if something has fallen in path of traffic. Similarly , ask the waiter to replace unclean items ( glassware, flatware). Don't try to clean it yourself or announce in table. If there is hair in the food don't eat or drink . Inform the waiter as it will be replaced. Moreover , if there is food in your teeth excuse yourself from table and remove item away. If there is any spill just apologize and inform the waiter. Also , never place your purse/bag in table . Just keep it below chair or table. The signal to waiter for ordering is a closed menu so , never closed menu untill you have selected food items. More importantly, if the bill is to be splitted ,inform and make request to your server before you order.  Theses will help you from embarrassing situation in any formal events

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