Hotel Management Course In Nepal

 Hotel Management Course In Nepal

Hotel management is a multi - dimensional field with a very good scope and career. This course is very famous throughout world and becoming popular in Nepal too. Though, There are some mis-conception many people have about this subject None are true exactly. For instance , Many people have mis-conception that Hotel management is suitable for men than women , even more , some say salary package will not be attractive  and working hours will be excessive However, None of them are true.

In Nepal , Hotel Management course can be broadly classified as short term course , Diploma course , Advance diploma course , undergraduate course, graduate degree course and post graduate course. These courses are offered upon various universities affiliation which are both national and international . There are more than 15 affiliation linked to course ranging from Tribhuwan university to CTVT.

Short term course is a certificate level course where you can directly study after SEE . It is a six month course while , Diploma course is a year course ( 12 month) which can also be studied after SEE directly. Similarly, Advance diploma is 18 month course which can be studied directly after SEE or +2 . However, I don't recommend you to go for advance diploma course after passing +2. Undergraduate course is offered by HSEB through all college throughout world. Graduate degree coach is a bachelor course which is available with different names like Bachelor in Hotel Management, Bachelor in Hospitality Management, Bachelor in Hospitality and catering Management , Bachelor in Travel and Tourism e.t.c . Post graduate course is available after completion of bachelor degree.

Bachelor degree course is of 4 year with 8 semester and 120 credit hours. you need to have completed +2 with English as subject. The estimated fee may range from 4.5 lakh to 10 lakh ,varying according to colleges. Diploma and advance diploma may cost around 1.5 lakhs to 4 lakhss while under graduate +2 may cost 1 lakhs to 2 lakhs.  I suggest you to ask discount with open heart if you want discount as there are provision by university to teach students with scholarship and partial scholarship. You will be studying wide ranges of subject including Human resources management , economic, statistics , tourism , legal environment according with Front office operations , food production and patisserie , Housekeeping operations , food and beverage service.view for more-  Hotel management : Expectations Vs reality article.

Now , let's talk about salary. How much will you be earning after studying? Well, it depends upon country. Tier 1 country have relatively much more salary when compared to Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries. Let's take United States and United Kingdom as example where a Hotel manager earns between Nrs 80 lakh to 2 crores yearly. Remember, the position is Hotel Manager where you must have great passion, dedication, Time Management and communication skill with Team work mentality.  Tier 2 countries  have lower salary then Tier 3 countries . Tier 3 countries provides much less salary.

A fresher with diploma certificate in hand may earn about 12 - 20 thousand NRS salary in Nepal. While it may go up to 30 / 50 thousand while working in abroad. The entry level salary offered by most hotel is NRS 14000. Upon completion of diploma course or Hotel Management you get chance to enter in Hotel Industry as trainee. The work will be fun and will be full of surprises.firstly, Learn to respect your job. 

The choice is yours to make. For more , please visit link above . Some websites  write about top ten colleges and top colleges which is entirely not true , they get paid for article so don't fall on them. Ask your friends or seniors , look for infrastructure and facilities the college is offering to select college. 

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