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Chicken Tangri kabab with Mint chutney

Kachumber salad

Murg pudina sorba

Mutton Rogan Josh

Palak paneer

Alu Gobi

Kashmiri pulao

Dry papad

Tandoori roti

Plain raita

Note : The following Recipe is for 4 number of pax and please write it in standard recipe format.


Ingredients and quantity   

Chi. Legs                 8 pcs.

Lemon juice          1 tablespoon

GG paste                1 tablespoon

Garam Masala powder    10 gram

Rogini Mirch.        5 gram

Tandoori colour   As required

Salt                                TT

Black salt.                    TT

Hang curd.               100 gram

Kastoori methi.         1 teaspoon

Green chilly paste    1 teaspoon

For Basting ,

Butter.                       50 gram

Corriander leaf.       garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Dry the chicken by placing in kitchen towel and incise the chicken legs
  • Add lemon juice , salt, rogini mirch and leave it for 10 minutes
  • Make masala by adding hung curd , lemon juice , kastoori methi , green chilly paste , GG paste , rogini Mirch , tandoori Colour , garam masala powder , black salt , salt and mix well.
  • Dip chicken legs into batter , coat properly and rest for an hour
  • Skew in the skewer and cook in heated tandoor by basting regularly


Ingredients and quantity

Mint                       50 gram

Chat masala.          TT

Black salt.               TT

Corriander.           30 gram

Green chilly           5 gram

Salt                           TT

Lemon juice           1 teaspoon

Hung curd.             As required

Methods of Preparation : 

  • Blend all the ingredients adding little water as required and correct seasonings


Ingredients and quantity

Cucumber            100 gram

Carrot.                  50 gram

Onion.                  50 gram

Tomato                50 gram

Lettuce                 4 pcs

Caspsicum.         20 gram

Green chilly       20 gram

Corriander          1 teaspoon

Lemon juice        1 teaspoon

Chat Masala        1 teaspoon

Black salt.            1 teaspoon

Chilly powder.    1 teaspoon

Olive oil.               1 tablespoon

Roasted cumin powder  1 teaspoon

Methods of Preparation :

  • Cut all ingredients into small dices 
  • Toss it in lemon juice , black salt , chat masala and roasted cumin powder
  • Chef Note : just before serving add all herbs , spices and toss


Ingredients and quantity

White stock                 1 litre

Chicken boneless.      200 gram

Gram flour                   50 gram

Ginger (chopped).       1 teaspoon

Plain curd                     50 ml

Roasted cumin powder.   1 teaspoon

Chopped green chilly.       1 teaspoon

Crushed pepper corn        2 gram

Lemon juice                        1 tablespoon

Seasonings.                          TT

Cream                                   50 ml

Mint.                                     20 gm

Methods of Preparation :

  • Boil the chicken and cut into brunoise shape.keep aside
  • Add gram flour , curd and mix well
  • Add one cup of water and whisk well so that no lumps are formed
  • Heat this mixture , add chopped mint , chopped green chilly , crushed peppercorn , roasted cumin powder , chopped ginger and mix well.
  • Add stock and bring to boil and lower the heat for simmering
  • Simmer 5 minute and strain. Bring to boil once again then add boiled chicken , lemon juice
  • Mix well , remove from heat and add cream.
  • Garnish by mint leaves


Ingredients and quantity

Dice cut Mutton               400 gram

Aniseed.                              5 gram

Veg oil                                 50 ml

Rogini Mirch                     15 gram

Red gravy.                         300 gram

Seasonings.                         TT

Bay leaf                               3-4 pcs

Fresh cream                      1 teaspoon

Kastoori methi.                 1 teaspoon

Corriander leaf                 garnish

Whole garam masala.      1 teaspoon

Methods of Preparation : 

  • Take a thick and deep pot, add fry whole garam masala 
  • Add rogini Mirch and mutton , stir fry few seconds and add pinch of salt
  • Add water and boil untill 90 % done 
  • Take another pan , add oil , fry aniseed and add boiled mutton and fry for few minutes
  • Add red gravy , cook again for few minutes then , add kastoori methi ,mix well
  • Garnish by cream and corriander leaf

Tandoori roti

Ingredients and quantity

Whole meal flour.            100 gm

Salt.                                      A pinch

Water                                  As required

Methods of Preparation :

  • Make a soft dough by mixing flour , salt and water . Keep it half an hour and portion it in small dough 
  • Roll it in flat shape with roller ,after portioning in small shape
  • Heat griddle,cook on both sides. Serve hot


Ingredients and quantity

Palak.                300 gram

Paneer(dice)    400 gram

Garam masala       1 teaspoon

Chop ginger , garlic     1 tablespoon 

Chop green chilly.  1 teaspoon

Cashewnut         50 gram

Tomato pulp      50 gram

Salt                        TT

Fresh cream.      garnish

Mace                    4 gram

Butter.               As required

Methods of Preparation :

  • Dice cut the paneer and shallow fry it
  • Mix onion , ginger garlic , green chilly and cashewnut paste 
  • Heat butter , add onion paste and add tomato pulp and cook
  • Add Palak paste , then add garam masala, salt , paneer.
  • Mix well and cook for few minutes


Ingredients and quantity

Long grain rice             300 gram

Dice cut apple               50 gram

Dry nut ( cashewnut, coconut, raisin) 50 gm

Ghee                                 5 gram

Pomegranate                 As required

Saffron                            A pinch

Sugar.                               5 gram

Rosewater                      Few drops

For Garnish                  

Coconut powder.          1 teaspoon

Brown onion.                1 teaspoon

Dry red cherry              1 teaspoon

Methods of Preparation :

  • Wash rice and cut the fruits into dices 
  • Boil water , add whole garam Masala and add rice after water has boiled 
  • Cook till rice is 90% done , keep it aside
  • Heat a pan , add ghee , fry dry nuts 
  • Add boiled rice and cover it by silver foil
  • Add dice cut fruits and add saffron, Rosewater
  • Garnish with coconut powder , dry red cherry and brown onion 


Ingredients and quantity

Cauliflower.          150 gram

Whole red chilly.  2 pcs

Potato (dice cut).  200 gram

Fresh gravy           30 ml

Salt                          1 teaspoon

Cumin seed           1 teaspoon

Turmeric powder  1 teaspoon

Corriander leaf       garnish

Oil.                            Deep fry

Methods of Preparation :

  • Blanch the cauliflower and boil potato
  • Deep fry the cauliflower and potatoes separately
  • Take a pan , add oil , fry cumin seed and temper whole red chilly
  • Add a pinch of Turmeric powder , add boiled potato . Fry for few minutes and add blanched cauliflower. Add seasoning . Stir fry for few minutes
  • Add fresh gravy and cook for few minutes
  • Make it dry and add salt . Garnish by corriander leaf


Ingredients and quantity 

Hung card                200 ml

Black salt                   5 gram

Chop green chilly.    5 gram

Chop corriander      5 gram

Roasted cumin powder  5 gram

Chilly powder           As required

Lemon juice               5 ml

Chat masala.              5 ml

Rogini Mirch             Garnish

Salt                               TT

Methods of Preparation :

  • Mix well all the ingredients
  • Garnish by rogini Mirch and roasted cumin powder
  • Serve chill

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