Indian Gravy Recipe and it's Types

 Indian Gravy Recipe

Gravy is a smooth liquid of a saucey  consistency which imparts body , taste , richness and life to any Indian Preparation. The types of Indian Gravy are :

1. Tomato gravy

Ingredients and quantity

Tomatoes                    1 kg

Onion.                         500 gram

Tomato puree.           200 gram

Chilly powder.           30 gram

Ginger and garlic paste        30 gram

Whole garam Masala.           30 gram

Methods of Preparation :

  • Boil tomato by adding onions, whole garam masala and make a puree of it
  • Add ginger , garlic paste , salt , chilly powder ,tomato puree and cook for 10-12 minutes. It is also called lababdar gravy

Chef Note : Variation of this gravy is Makhani gravy in which we add butter , cream and fenugreek powder as required

2. Cashewnut Gravy 

Ingredients and quantity

Cashewnut.                  200 gram

Almonds.                       50 gram

Khuskhus(poppy seed)          25 gram

GG paste                         1 teaspoon

Onion.                            50 gram

Bay leaf.                          2 pcs

Small green cardamom.     2/3 gram

Methods of Preparation :

  • Boil cashewnut and poppy seed together and make it paste
  • Boil onion and almond and make it paste
  • Heat pan , add oil , add garam masala , GG paste , almond onion paste , 
  • Add cashewnut , poppyseed paste and put it on a very low fire untill gravy is finished.

Chef Note : For korma gravy we have add khoya and yogurt

3. Brown onion gravy 

Ingredients and quantity

Onion.                        1 kg

Tomatoes.                 600 gram

Whole garam Masala.     20 gram

Red chilli powder.           25 gram

Tomato puree                  100 ml

Method of preparation :

  • Take oil in a kadhai or handi and add whole garam masala , chopped onion and cook till it turns to golden brown
  • Add red chilly powder , tomato puree and add tomatoes. Cook till tomato leaves water.

Malai gravy

Ingredients and quantity

GG paste              15 gram

Onion.                  250 gram

Cumin powder.          20 gram

Turmeric powder.     10 gram

Red chilly powder.    15 gram

Coconut milk.              1 litre

Methods of Preparation :

  • Take oil in a handi and put raw onion paste ,cook till pink
  • Add ginger garlic paste and cook till it is brown 
  • Add Turmeric powder , cumin powder and cook further. Add coconut milk and reduce till thick
  • This gravy is sweet in nature and is a west Bengal gravy

Yogurt gravy

Ingredients and quantity

Curd.                         1 kg

Gram flour.             30 gram

Yellow chilly powder.        10 gram

Onions.                     150 gram

Tomatoes.                100 gram

Whole garam masala.        10 gram

Turmeric powder.               05 gram

Methods of Preparation :

  • Take oil in a handi and add whole garam Masala , chopped onion .cook till brown .add tomatoes and cook
  • Make a mixture of curd , gram flour , yellow chilly powder Turmeric powder 
  • Pass through strainer to onion and tomato and boil
  • Reduced it to required consistency

Chef Note : It is basic Rajasthani gravy which is sour in taste 

Salan gravy 

Ingredients and quantity

Cashewnut.                  50 gram

Peanut.                         350 gram

Dessicated coconut.   750 gram

Sesame seed.               100  gram

Poppy seed.                  50 gram

Turmeric powder.       1 teaspoon

Mustard seeds.             1 teaspoon

Curry leaves.                 Few

Tamarind pulp.            150 ml

Cumin powder.            20 gram

Oil and onion seed.      As required, 30 gram

Method of preparation :

  • Boil all the nuts and coconut ,make a smooth paste 
  • Heat oil , add mustard seeds , red chilly , curry leaf and onion seeds
  • Add the paste and saute it 
  • Add chilli powder , Turmeric powder ,cumin powder and tamarind pulp , saute
  • Cook in slow heat till oil leaves the sides. Add salt
  • Balance the taste with jaggery ( unrefined sugar made from sugarcane )

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