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Italian wedding soup


Note: The following Recipe is for 4 no. of pax and please write it down in standard Recipe Format


It is light Italian dish of toasted bread with savoury topping.

Ingredients and quantity

Tomato ( fine chopped)        50 gram

Garlic ( minced )                    10 gram

Fresh oregano and basil      10 gram

Seasonings.                              TT               

Olive oil.                                  20 ml

Mozzarella cheese (grate).   50 gram

Balsamic vinegar.                   1 tbsp

Green olives.                            1 tbsp

Basil leaves                              garnish

Baguette bread                       4 pcs

Methods of Preparation : 

  • Chop tomatoes , olive , garlic , basil and oregano
  • Mix chop ingredients with olive oil , grated mozzarella cheese , vinegar and seasonings
  • Cut bread into thick slice  and brushed it with olive oil. Place over salamander untill golden each side
  • Spoon Tomato mixture over each Bread sliced , sprinkle cheese in top and melt the cheese using salamander.

Italian Wedding soup

Ingredients and quantity

Chicken minced.             150 gram

Bread crumbs.                 20 gram

Egg.                                    1 pcs

Dried basil.                       1 teaspoon

Parmesan cheese.            50 gram

Onion powder.                 1 teaspoon

Carrot brunoise.              100 gram

Chicken stock.                   1 litre

Spinach brunoise.             50 gram

Pasta                                    50 gram

Salt.                                       TT              

Pepper.                                 TT

Parsley  ( chopped).          Garnish

Parmesan cheese.             Garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • In a bowl , combine minced chicken , egg , breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese , basil and onion powder . Mix well and make a ball of 3/4 inches
  • In a large sauce pan , heat stock to boiling , add pasta , carrot and add seared meatballs
  • Return to boil , bring heat to medium and reduce heat. Then , add spinach
  • Cook in simmering heat around 4-5 minutes untill pasta is soft , stirring frequently. 
  • Correct the seasoning and sprinkle parmesan cheese after portioning in a soup bowl . Garnish with chopped parsley


For Dough

Ap flour            500 gram

Sugar.                15 gram

Dry yeast          10 gram

Salt.                    TT

Milk.                  50 gram

Olive oil.           30 gram

Egg.                    1 pcs

Lukewarm water.     As per required

Oregano and basil.      1 teaspoon

For Tomato sauce 

Olive oil.           1 Tbsp

Chop garlic      10 gram

Chop celery.     10 gram

Chop onion       50 gram

Tomato puree.    100 gram

Tomato concasse.   50 gram

Oregano and basil   1 tablespoon

Black pepper.         TT

Salt                           TT

For Topping

Onion           100 gram

Tomato.        100 gram

Capsicum.     50 gram

Mushroom.   100 gram

Chicken.         150 gram

Black olive     10 gram

Basil.               A teaspoon


grated parmesan.      30 gram

grated Mozzarella.   50 gram

Yak grated.                 200 gram

Methods of Preparation : 

  • For pizza dough Preparation mix lukewarm milk ,sugar , yeast in a small mixing bowl and keep it for some time 
  • In another large mixing bowl - Mix flour , salt , herbs , egg , olive oil and mix well 
  • Mix fermented yeast mixture and Prepared dough using like warn water
  • Make soft dough and keep it in warm place for fermentation
  • Similarly, For pizza sauce Prepare tomato concasse , chop the garlic , celery and onion
  • Heat pan , add olive oil , add chop garlic and celery . Stir it and add chop onion . Cook till onion is translucent and soft
  • Add tomato puree and add tomato concasse. Add dried herbs and cook sauce .add seasoning
  • For topping wash and slice Tomato , onion, capsicum and Mushroom
  • Boil the chicken and cut into slices 
  • Knead the fermented dough and make a ball ( small dough ) around 70 gram
  • Rolled into round shape and make a hole at bottom with fork to prevent over aeration
  • Grease pizza plate and place rolled dough
  • Top pizza sauce above and arrange topping over sauce 
  • Top by grated cheese and drizzle olive oil , oregano and add remaining toppings
  • Cook for 10/15 minutes in 200 degree Celsius

Chef Note : if you are in extreme hurry and want to go from direct method , in a bowl mix tomato ketchup , oregano , basil , chilli sauce , salt , chopped garlic and paprika powder . Mix 1/2 cup tomato ketch up 1 teaspoon other ingredients given. 

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