Religious And Medical Diets

The followers of religious listed below do not eat the following foods.

Hindu : orthodox hindus are strictly vegetarians while less strict Hindus may eat lamb , poultry and fish but not beef / cattles

Jewish : pork , pork products , shellfish and eels , meat and milk served at the same time or cooked together. Strict Jewish eat only kosher  meat , Milk and milk products are avoided at lunch,dinner but are acceptable at breakfast

Muslim : pork, meat that is not halal , shellfish and alcohol . Alcohol should not be used while cooking also

Sikh : beef , pork , lamb , poultry and fish may be acceptable to Sikh men : Sikh women tend to avoid all meat

Rastafarian : all processed foods , pork , fish without fins , alcohol , coffee, tea


For medical reasons, the people on the special diets below do not eat food listed below :-

Dairy free or milk free : milk, butter , cheese , yoghurt and any prepared foods that include milk products

Diabetes : dishes that are high in sugar or in fat

Gluten free : wheat , rye , barley , whole meal , whole wheat , oats and dishes made from them like pasta , noodles , semolina, bread , pastries , beer , barley based drinks

Low cholesterol : liver , egg yolks and shellfish are high in cholesterol while beef , lamb and pork also have high saturated fat do it is avoided

Low fat : Any food that contains fat or has been fried and fatty food

Nut allergy : Nuts , blended cooking oil and margarine. We have to use pure oil and butter

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