Ancillary Departments In a Hotel

 Ancillary Departments  In a Hotel

Ancillary Departments act as a bridge between food preparation units and food service units. The service areas in hotel are well equipped and are distinguished into five main areas :-
Still room
Silver room
Wash - up
Hot plate 
Spare linen store
1. Still room : 
Still room provide food items and equipment which which are not cater by any departments. It is looked by still room supervisor and remains open for long hours for optimum efficiency.  It contains equipment like coffee beans grinding machine, coffee brewing machine, bread slicing machine , salamander , refrigerator, sinks , washing machine and Dish Washer. Similarly , it also provides cleaning detergent and scrubber, breakfast cereal like cornflakes, sugar , milk ,cream , butter , fruit juices and beverage ( Horlicks, chocolate, tea, coffee).
2. Silver Room :
By name, it holds the stock of silver required for Service of meal along with service plates. It has big shelves with cutlery , flatware , hollowware stored properly.  Most silver used in Hospitality operations is made of EPNS - electro plated nickel silver i.e silver is electro plated . Green leafy vegetables and egg contains sulphides which might tarnish silver and making it blue-black discolouration.
Silver cleaning Method -
  • Burnishing Machine - it is a revolving drum with highly polished bearing balls which polish silverware and is found in large establishment.
  • Electrolytic Method - It lifts tarnish by chemical reaction.
  • Plate powder method - Paste of pink powder and methylated  spirit is applied on silverware and left to dry ,which is then rubbed of with clean cloth.
  • Silver dip - here, Silverware is dipped in acid-base solution for 8/10 minutes and taken out, kept in hot water ,rinsed and wiped dry.
3. Wash-up Area :
There are two Method of Washing generally implemented in all outlets-
The tank method and Machine Method. In tank Method, items are washed in a sink of hot water containing detergent  and placed in another sink. Second sink act as sterilizing sink where water temperature is high while , machine is automated system
4. Hot- plate :
It is the point of contact between kitchen and service staff. Effective communication between both Departments is very vital in this areas and friction should be minimum. Hot cupboard or various method can be used to keep food warm . Hot plate is controlled by Barker , also known by 'Aboyeur'  . He also check the K.O.T ( kitchen order Tickets) to ensure all orders are from menu .
5. Spare Linen store :
It is near to service area where linen materials are hold in case for emergency. Usually for maintaining correct stock , linen are rotated in one to one basis.

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