Chicken Burger Recipe



Onion , garlic , salt , pepper , Minced chicken , spring onion, corriander leaf , chilly dices , egg


  • Chopped onion and garlic and saute it with salt and pepper for 1/2 minutes ( I am doing this to destroy acidity of onion which can spoil taste of meat)

  • Now , mince the chicken , add spring onion , corriander leaf , egg and chilly dices , sauté onion and garlic and mix it properly

  • Make it a round shape and flat it for burger patties 

  • Grilled it or fry it at least 3/5 minute each side adding salt and black pepper

  • Cut burger in half , add Mayonnaise or tomato ketchup what you prefer but I recommend mayonnaise as it taste best with burger and burger patties , sliced onion , tomatoes, cucumber.serve it with french fries and ketch up as accompaniment.

Note : adding cheese slices, lettuce help to further enhance the taste and make eye appealing. Some people go for breadcrumbs that is not necessary and may be that's for binding / cost control .

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