Front Office Personnel Duties and Responsibilities

 1. Front office Manager :

Front office manager is in charge of front office department. He supervises all front office personnel and reports to general manager , Accomodation manager. The duties and responsibilities of front office manager are :-

  • Perform budgeting function

  • Ensure all standard operating procedures are followed

  • Resolve guest problems efficiently, quickly 

  • To control all activities of reservation, information, registration 

  • To create report , presentation of department

  • To train , motivate front office personnel

  • To verify all guest folios and guest registration card

  • Schedule staff duties and job rotation

  • Evaluate job performance of employee

  • Maintain key control 

  • Supervise the front office personnel

  • To verify actual room status is maintained all the time

  • To maintain co-ordination with various departments in a hotel

  • Represent department in hotel  meeting

  • Ensure all employees under him are groomed properly and reports on time

  • To brief new policies of the hotel and allocate duties and responsibilities

  • To create a good guest relations

2. Assistant Front office Manager :

He is the second incharge of front office department and reports to front office manager, general manager. He supervises all front office personnel. Some duties and responsibilities of assistant front office manager are :-

  • Train ,motive and supervise staff under him
  • To prepare duty roaster
  • To lead staff by leadership not by authority
  • Handle guest complaints
  • Represent department in absence of front office manager
  • To brief staff
  • Develop standard operating procedure
  • To create customer relationship
  • To evaluate performance of front office personnel
  • To assist front office manager in Preparation of front office budget
  • To co-ordinate with other departments in a Hotel

3. Front office supervisor :

He is the senior staff of department who reports to front office manager and assistant front office manager. He supervises front office personnel. The duties and responsibilities of front office supervisor are :-

  • To check the rack rate of a room for a day
  • To train and conduct brief the front office staff
  • Assist all section of front office during peak season
  • To prepare budget and output report each month
  • To check walk in guest and VIP guest facilities and amenities
  • Provide outstanding customer service and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Address customer concern promptly and effectively
  • Manage incoming mails and fax 
  • To assign duties under him ensuring equity of work

4. Front office receptionist :

Front office receptionist reports to front office manager and front office supervisor. Receptionist is a first person to come in contact with guest at their arrival. The duties and responsibilities of front office receptionist are :-

  • To prepare reports on room status daily
  • Take reservation and amend it as per request
  • To maintain records of complaints
  • Use suggestive selling and upselling
  • To pre- register reservation
  • To update rack rate regularly
  • To receive guest promptly and assign them rooms
  • To look and Care for special requests of a guest 
  • To welcome guest and greet him with warm smile 
  • To attend briefing 
  • To ensure proper hygiene and grooming all the time
  • To follow duties and responsibilities assigned by senior staff

5. Telephone operator :

  • To answer all incoming calls promptly
  • To handle message of the guest as well as employee
  • Maintain all the records of outgoing telephone calls
  • Maintain proper telephone directory
  • Direct incoming calls to various departments through switch box or PBX
  • Receive telephone charges from the telephone company and forward it for posting
  • Perform wake up call services
  • Answer queries about hotel events and activities
  • To inform concern department/ person immediately if threat call is received

6. Front office cashier :

Front office cashier has full responsibility for cash and methods of payment by guests. Some duties and responsibilities of front office cashier are:-

  • To maintain cash register and petty cash flow
  • To look after safe deposit locker
  • To handle foreign exchange and credit cards, traveller cheques 
  • To open a guest folios and post all charges 
  • To operate front office posting
  • Post charges to guest account
  • To settle guest account
  • To prepare bills during checkout 
  • To make sure there is chance of  no error 

7. Night Auditor :

He reports to finance and account department but works on front office department. He audits hotel transaction. He is called night auditor because he is scheduled to work a night shift . It is actually the process of taking inventory of days work. In other words , it is the activity of checking and confirming the transaction done in day are correct and complete. Any mistake made during day is corrected.

The duties and responsibilities of night auditor are :-

  • To check guest folios for accuracy
  • To verify front office cashier report
  • Post room charges and check it for accuracy
  • Monitor current status of discount and other promotional activities
  • Prepare summary of cash , cheques and credit card activities.
  • To ensure all transactions in hotel are error free and secure
"Leading a team by leadership skill is much more important than leading by authority "

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