Chicken Nuggets Recipe

 Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Chicken Nuggets is made from breast part of chicken in which the breast of chicken is slit into 1 inch or 2 inch then breaded and either deep fryed or baked. It is very popular throughout the world and can be made in home very easily in just few time.

Ingredients and quantity

Chicken.             400 gram

Oil.                      For deep frying

Breadcrumbs.     3 cups

Egg.                       2 No.s

Salt and pepper.     TT

Ap Flour               2 cup

Black pepper.       TT

Methods of Preparation :

  • Mix flour and season flour with season and pepper 
  • In a bowl mix egg and a tablespoon of water 
  • In another bowl , add breadcrumbs 

  • In a bowl , add  AP flour. 
  • Now, dip the slit chicken into season flour , then in egg bowl and finally in breadcrumbs
  • Deep fry it in medium low heat till golden brown.
  • Strain it and serve immediately

Chef Note : if you deep fried the breded items in high heat then , the breadcrumb will burnt from outside and chicken will be raw from inside. So always fry breaded item in low - medium heat. Deep fried items are to be served immediately for best taste.

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