Flower Arrangement and Components Used

 Flower arrangement is a very old art which are generally arranged during festivals, in temples, office or during special occasion at home/function. They are used in form of garland , wall hangings and floor decoration. It is an art of organizing and grouping together plant materials to achieve beauty to the surroundings. The beauty is achieved after harmony of different form, colour and texture. 

Flower are also used extensively in hotel also . They are centre of attraction in lounge and in restaurant . similarly, they are also used in suite rooms and for VIP arrivals.  At wedding and banquet large amount of flower are required for various type of arrangement. The Housekeeper is responsible for all flower arrangements and their placement in most hotels. There is a separate flower room in Hotel which is equipped with all necessities for making up arrangement like sink , bucket , vases , containers e.t.c. It required creativity for making good flower arrangement.


The materials used are grouped in six category :

  • Mechanics
  • Bases
  • Containers
  • Equipments
  • Plant material
  • Support 

1. Mechanics : These are items used to keep the flowers, foliage, and stems in place with container. It must be fixed securely and should be hidden from view. The most popularly used mechanics are florist foam, chicken wire and pin holders. Floral foam are also called 'oasis' which is available as green foam and brown foam. Green foam needs to be soaked in water for at least half an hour and fresh plant material is inserted in it. It is light and dry but weight increased when soaked with water whereas Brown foam is only used for dry plant materials and artificial plant. It requires support.

2. Equipment : It includes tools and other materials which are used to ensure that flower are arranged properly. Usually this included materials/equipment like scissors, bucket, mister(spray bottle) , floral wire, wire cutters

3. Containers : they hold the flower arrangement which may or may not be hidden by the plant materials. It should be waterproof if fresh flowers are used. Generally vase ,jug , basket ,bowls and tray are used as containers. 

4. Bases : It is object that is placed underneath the container to protect the surface of support and to add the beauty of display. Generally, table mat , stone base, tree section are used as bases

5. Support : it includes structure on which container stands which are tables, sideboards. 

6. Plant material :- it is the most important component which is divided into three basic types; line material , focal material and secondary materials. Line materials includes tall stems, flowering spikes, bold leaves which act to create skeleton or framework. Example : gladioli , golden rods , asparagus ferns , tuberoses while Focal materials consists of bold flower or clusters of small showy blooms. Example : tulips , poppies , roses , dahlias and daffodils.similarly, Secondary Materials consists of smaller flowers or all sorts of leaves and foilage that are used to cover edge of the containers and also provide colour to the display. Example : limonium , carnations , gypsophila, asters ,ivy.


Flowers are highly perishable commodity and should be keep on good condition to make it last longer . They are also expensive and while buying flower we have to first look at bucket where they are placed. The bucket should be placed out of direct sunlight and the water should be clean. It should not smell . Similarly, the foilage should be firm . The bloom just at open stage should be selected rather than full-bloom stage.

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