Italian Menu Items 1

 Italian Menu Items - I

Caesar salad

Minestrone soup

Dijon Tarragon cream chicken

Butter Spaghetti

Sauteed parsley vegetables

Grill Tomato

Note: The following Recipe is for 4 number of person and write it in Standard Recipe Format.

Caesar salad

Ingredients and quantity

Lettuce ( romaine ).       100 gram

Garlic.                               15 gram

Crouton.                           50 gram


Parmesan cheese  ( grated).   10 gram

Worcestershire sauce.             15 gram

Garlic.                    10 gram                   

Dijon Mustard.     15 gram

Lemon juice.         10 ml

Salt                           TT

Black pepper.         TT

Olive oil.                  1 teaspoon

Mayonnaise.           150 ml

Anchovies fillet.     50 gram

Parmesan cheese ( garnish )

Methods of Preparation :

  • At first wash a d break the lettuce and keep in refrigerator
  • For Caesar salad dressing , Add minced garlic in a small bowl with Mayonnaise, anchovies , tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese , Worcestershire sauce , Mustard and lemon juice . Season it with salt and pepper
  • Refrigerate untill ready to use
  • Heat oil, add garlic to infuse flavour of garlic in oil and add bread cubes . Cook untill breadcrumbs are light brown in colour and remove it . Season bread crumbs with salt and pepper
  • Place chilled lettuce in a mixing bowl , add dressing and mix well
  • Add croutons and mix with salad. Garnish with parmesan cheese

Minestrone soup

Ingredients and quantity

Butter                        50 gram

Onion chopped.       50 gram

Celery.                        15 gram

Carrot.                        50 gram

White beans.             50 gram

Cabbage                     50 gram

Tomato puree.          100 gram

Chicken stock.           1 litre

Garlic chopped.        10 gram

Macaroni ( elbow shaped).   100 gram

Parmesan cheese.      Garnish

Salt.                               TT

Pepper.                         TT

Parsley chopped.        Garnish

Spinach.                       50 gram

Bacon.                          50 gram

Italian mix herb.        1 teaspoon

Tomato.                        50 gram

Method of preparation :

  • Soaked the beans overnight and pressure cook it. Keep aside 
  • Prepare tomato cancasse
  • Blanch the pasta and keep it aside
  • Cut the onion , cabbage , spinach , celery and carrot into medium dice shape
  • Melt butter in a heavy pot , add bacon and stir fry . Add onion , celery , garlic and carrot . Saute few minutes
  • Add chicken stock then , add tomato puree and after few minutes,add tomato concasse
  • Add dried herbs and stir well
  • Cook in a slow heat , till all vegetables are tender
  • Add spinach , boiled beans and blanched pasta
  • Correct the seasoning . Remove from the heat and garnish by chopped parsley and parmesan cheese.

Dijon Tarragon cream chicken

Ingredients and quantity

Butter                50 gram

Olive oil             100 ml

Chi Breast          4 pcs

Heavy cream    100 ml

Tarragon.            5 gram

Dijon Mustard    30 gram

Salt                        TT

Pepper.                 TT

Parmesan cheese   20 gram

Methods of Preparation :

  • Season chicken with salt and pepper
  • Heat pan , add olive oil and butter over medium heat
  • Place chicken in pan and brown on both sides. Reduce heat to medium , cover and continue cooking untill golden brown in both side
  • Add cream in same pan , cook in simmering heat and add mustard and tarragon , stir
  • Finish by adding parmesan cheese and pepper
  • Correct the seasoning and garnish with parsley

Butter Spaghetti

Ingredients and quantity

Butter              1 Tbsp

Spaghetti.       100 gram

Oregano.         Pinch 

Basil.                Pinch

Salt.                   TT

Pepper.             TT

Parsley chopped       Garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Blanch the spaghetti in hot boiling salted water
  • Drain the water after removing from heat
  • Heat pan , melt butter , add spaghetti and toss in butter
  • Add herbs and seasonings, stir fry
  • Remove from heat and garnish by cheese and parsley

Sautéed parsley vegetables

Ingredients and quantity

Butter                 1 Tbsp

Carrot                100 gram

Beans                 100 gram     

Parsley chopped   garnish

Salt                       TT

Pepper                 TT

Methods of Preparation :

  • Cut carrot and beans into diamond shape 
  • Blanch and boil vegetable
  • Heat butter , add vegetable and sautée for a while
  • Add Seasonings and chop parsley

Grilled Tomato

Ingredients and quantity

Cherry Tomato            4 pcs

Salt                                 TT

Pepper                           TT

Parsley                        garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Wash and dry the Tomato
  • Remove the black top and divide in two
  • Heat oil in a pan or griller and grill both sides
  • Add olive oil and seasonings and garnish with parsley

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