Laundry and It's Types in Hotel

Laundry and It's Types in Hotel

The laundry can be defined as place where the washing and finishing of clothes and washable articles are carried out.


1. Commercial / off-site / contracted laundry :

These cater to hotel on contract basis . Th contract specifies the rate for laundering different articles of linen , the time taken for laundering and so on . The soiled linen are laundered and delivered back to hotel within least 24 hour. It is good choice of the hotel if they decide not to make heavy investment in setting up its own laundry. Moreover , labour cost are also saved However, there is chance of delivery and collection delays , less control over standard and loss/theft of article may increase. 

2. On-site/ on- premise / in-house Laundry :

It is hotel own laundry situated on its premises. It may be run by a management or managed on a contract. It is heavy investment for a hotel . Service are faster hence par stock chance is reduced. Similarly, proper care of linen took places along with no chance of missing articles However, it required high labour cost and initial capital investment is high similarly, there is high cost of maintenance, repair and overheads.

Hotel laundry

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