Property Management System In Hotel Industry

 Property management system or PMS is also known as Hotel operating system. It is a software application for operation of hospitality accomodation. It is mainly used by hotels to control property activities like reservation, availability of Rooms , occupancy Management and check in/out. The first PMS in hospitality industry appeared on the Market in 1970's. However , it became widely available in 1980's. PMS also facilitates adminstrative tasks of a hotel. PMS are connected with Hotel point of sales for accurate and timely information. 

PMS replaced paper-pen format by helping hotel to maintain it's most important resources through computarised system. It also helps in Hotel inventory management and connects back of the House with front of the house. It is nerve centre of hotel operation which helps Hotels to run efficiently by organizing schedules. PMS is used by general manager , front desk staff,  Housekeeping staff ,point of sales staff.

The installment of PMS is costly in hotel as it require good investment so mostly big hotels are feasible to use it. It have modernized hotel industry to provide better customer service and satisfaction 

Some popular PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM used in Hotel are :-

  • Opera pms
  • Cloudbeds
  • Ezee front desk
  • Maestro
  • Protel
  • Mister booking
  • Room raccoon

  • Mews system
  • Hotel time pms
  • Webrezpro e.t.c

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