Chicken Biryani Recipe



Chicken ( leg piece is best ) , ginger and garlic , Turmeric powder , Red chilli powder , cumin powder , corriander powder , chicken masala, biryani masala, salt , oil , long grain rice , onion , chicken Masala


  • Wash the chicken meat properly and marinate it with ginger garlic paste , Turmeric powder , Kashmiri mirch , cumin powder , corriander powder ,chicken Masala , salt and oil.

  • Slice the onion , Heat oil and add while garam Masala. Now , add sliced onion and cook till onion gets golden brown in colour

  • Add marinated chicken pieces and stir it then, over it 

  • In a big bowl , wash rice and soaked it in water for 15/30 minutes.

  • Heat water with cardamom powder and bayleaf , once water gets boiled , add soaked rice and cooked it .when cooked ,strain it.

  • Now , we have to add the cooked rice in chicken, addbiryani masala , ghee , gulab jal and cover it with lid to dum in slow heat

  • Stir it and serve by garnishing with fried onion slices 


Add water on curd and add chopped onion, salt , corriander leaf , Kashmiri mirch , black salt , green chilli chopped.

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