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Saucisse et petits pois salade de Ranch dress

Bisque Dr crevettes

Bifteck de beouf auec sauce au vin rogue

Sauteed asperges

Romarin pomme de terre

The given recipe is for 4 no. of pax and please write it in Standard Recipe format with , ingredients , quantity , cost per unit , Total cost and Remarks

Saucisse et petits pois salade de Ranch dress

It is chicken sausage with mix vegetables salad, served with Ranch dressing

Ingredients and quantity 

Chicken sausage   4 no.s

Carrot.                    100 gram

Green peas.           100 gram

Mayonnaise sauce.    100 ml

Sour cream.           50 ml

Dried chives          15 gram

Dried parsley.       15 gram

Dried dill.              15 gram

Garlic powder.     10 gram

Onion powder.     10 gram

Salt.                         To taste

Pepper.                   To taste

Fresh parsley garnish   few

Method of preparation :

  • Cut sausage into dice and fry it till golden colour
  • Cut the carrot in Macedoine cut , then boil the carrot. Blanch the green peas and keep aside
  • Take a mixing bowl and mix together Mayonnaise sauce , dried chives , dried parsley , dried dill , garlic powder , onion powder , salt , crushed pepper then whisk and make Ranch dressing
  • Gently mix the ranch dressing with sausage , carrot  and green peas mixture
  • Place lettuce on appetizer plate and portion the salad by garnishing with chilli flakes and parsley

Bisque de crevettes

It is thick soup of corn and shrimp

Ingredients and quantity

Shrimp                 400 gram

Bacon.                    50 gram

Onion (dice).         50 gram

Garlic ( chopped). 15 gram

Celery                     15 gram

White wine            50 ml

Chi. Stock.              400 ml

Tomato puree.       50 ml

Seasonings.      TT

Worcestershire sauce   15 ml

Butter.                      50 gram

Refined flour.          50 gram

Cream.                      100 ml

Milk                           400 ml

Green onion.            15 gram

Corn (canned).         100 gram

Dried chives.             Garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Heat sauce pan , add oil and fry bacon till crispy , cut it into dices
  • In a same pan , add onion , garlic and celery . Saute over medium heat till onion is translucent then add white wine , tomato puree , Worcestershire sauce and seasonings
  • Simmer over medium heat untill mixture is reduced and thick ( cook 6 to 7 minute)
  • Blend onion mixture then strain and pour into soup pot . Add chicken stock and cook for 8 to 10 minutes
  • Prepare white roux . Gradually, add milk and cream and whisk till smooth . Cook for 2 minutes then transfer to soup
  • Add boiled shrimp , bacon , corn , green onion then simmer 2/3 minutes and garnish with dry chives 

Bifteck de boeuf auec sauce au vin rogue

It is grilled beef tenderloin served with Red wine sauce 

Ingredients and quantity

Beef tenderloin.              4 pcs

Basil.                                 15 gram

Oregano.                          15 gram

Fresh rosemary.             30 gram

Olive oil.                           60 ml

Seasoning.                         TT

Espagnole sauce              200 ml

Red wine                           50 gram

Garlic.                                30 gram

Butter                                30 gram

Brown stock                     50 ml

Parsley.                              Garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Marinate beef tenderloin with basil , oregano , rosemary , olive oil and seasonings then , rest for 15-20 minutes
  • Grill beef in a pan untill medium rare , approx 7-10 minutes
  • For sauce , Heat pan , add butter then fry chop garlic untill brown,light colour
  • Add red wine , brown stock and seasoning  then , cook in simmering heat
  • Place the grilled beef in serving plate and top with red wine sauce 

Sauteed asperges 

It is sautéed asparagus

Ingredients and quantity

Asparagus.              200 gram

Butter.                      30 gram

Garlic.                       30 gram

Seasoning.                TT

Method of preparation:

  • Trim the asparagus then blanch , refresh and keep aside 
  • Heat a pan , add butter , fry chop garlic untill golden brown then add asparagus and seasonings . Sautée a while 
  • Serve it with beef as accompaniment

Romarin pommes de terre 

It is rosemary sauteed potato

Ingredients and quantity

Potatoes.                  200 gram

Fresh rosemary.     30 gram

Butter.                      30 ml

Seasoning.                 TT

Methods of Preparation : 

  • Wash , peel and cut potatoes into wedges
  • Boil the potatoes till 90%
  • Heat pan , add butter , add potatoes , stir well and add rosemary , seasonings
  • Served with beef as an accompaniment

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