Guidelines In Vegetables Cookery

 Guidelines in vegetables cookery

We have been eating vegetables from centuries . They form important aspect in our daily life as our meals are incomplete without them. Vegetables are edible part of certain plants and can be available in various forms like carrot , beetroot are in root form while cauliflower, brocolli in flower forms but always remember instead of putting potato in root vegetables ,put it in Tuber group along with sweet potato . The water content is also very high in vegetables which can range from 65% to 95% . 

Similarly, they can be prepared by various method of cooking - steaming , stir-frying , sauté . This methods of cooking vegetables are considered more healthiest way as they prevent overcooking thus, reducing chance of loss of vitamin and Minerals. Vegetables are very essential in our diet as they are important source of vitamin, minerals and fibres . They are also low in fat . Eating Vegetables more helps to prevent chance of diabetes, heart disease , risk of cancer.

For healthy eating , just vary your vegetables every day and you have to include a green salad every night with meal. If you are bored of eating salad with dinner use dressing with salad to create variety.  Remember, being healthy is the key. Moreover, Sometimes the Nutrients in Raw and cooked vegetables may vary , For Example : Cook tomatoes are rich in lycopene while Raw tomato are rich in potassium and vitamin c .  Lycopene is very essential to reduce risk of cancer and heart disease However , Eating excessive leads to discoloration of skin ( it can be cured by stop eating tomato for some days).Always Remember the most healthier vegetables for your body - Brocolli, peas , Beetroot, carrot , spinach , Garlic , onion ,Tomato  e.t.c 

Let's talk about Frozen and fresh vegetables, Many people prefer fresh and say it have more Nutrients but the truth is Nutrient and Nutritional value is not affected more i.e it may vary just a little / slightly. Some people prefer canned vegetables . They are also good choice but always see the label for sugar content and sodium content . Choose canned product whose sugar content and sodium content is low.  Storing the veggies in right way also help to keep vegetables fresh and safe. Rinsed , wrap in sealed plastic bad and refrigerate. keep root vegetables in cool dark room . Always keep Tomato at room temperature away from direct heat and put it in fridge just when they ripe. Sometimes we may encounter Freezer burn which can be prevented by blanching the veggies. But , Never Freeze eggplant , lettuce , potatoes.

At last , remember cooking time of vegetables and always wash them before cutting or else , you will be loosing Nutrients. Mutual supplementation is very essential to enhance Nutritional value of diet so pair healthy food with vegetables. Remember - vegetables for healthy life and healthy living!

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