Baking soda : Expectations Vs Reality

I had talked about difference between baking soda and baking powder,their Composition in previous article. In this article I will be talking about benefits of baking soda which we might be missing unknowingly. baking soda is also known as sodium bicarbonate which act as leavening agents in cookies, muffins. Baking soda recipes always enlist acidic ingredients as it produce carbon dioxide gas in reaction to acid like vinegar e t.c. It is also very strong but,by limiting its use only to recipes we are missing a lot! Baking soda is more than your recipe ingredient.

High acid in urine and blood - uric acid is common problem facing by most middle aged people.baking soda is very beneficial to them as it neutralise acid. It is also beneficial to problem of dark lips which is common among smokers. Just mix baking soda with honey ,make a paste and apply over lips for 2/3 minutes daily. It also rid smells of underarms. Mix baking powder with small amount of water , apply a paste over underarms. Moreover, if you are having heart burn and out of antacid, consume 5 ml of baking soda with glass of water. It will give you immediate relief from burning sensation. baking soda also eliminates problem of foul breath / bad breath and whitens the teeth. Mix a pinch with warm water and rinse or rub with toothbrush. Similarly, you can also apply the paste over insect bite to get rid of pain. 

Baking soda is not only beneficial to health but also it might solve more remedies like - removing pesticides from fresh fruits and vegetables, Cleaning carpet , cleaning clothes, bathroom/floor cleaning , killing unwanted plant around house , cleaning of shoes and more. soak fruits and vegetables in few cup of water and teaspoon of baking soda. Problem of pesticides is solved! Similarly, sprinkle baking soda and apply hot water over it for carpet stain problem. Also, mixing baking soda with detergent will give you more white clothes. If you're have a problem of stinky shoes , pour baking-soda over shoes and clean with warm water then dry in sun. 

Baking soda benefits don't end here. It also helps to remove tarnishes from cutleries. Adding a baking soda and warm water also remove burnt stain from utensils. You can apply baking soda also to get rid of dandruff from your hair. Apply baking soda in hair and massage the scalp but wash scalp properly afterwards. Moreover, kill unwanted plant around you with baking powder if you are bored of plucking it. Yellow/black nail problem can also be removed by baking powder paste. 

Knowing proper use of baking powder is going to save your lot of money. It is very applicable in our daily life operations but don't consume in excess or else , it may cause heart problems. 

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