Biggest Trend in Hospitality Industry

 Biggest Trend in Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry is very competitive industry. It contributes to more than $ 7 trillion in world economy from different segments. It is a must priority for any Hospitality managers to stay with latest trend up-to-date. Managers should be able to forecast future and should understand time , or else, their brands are going to be backward forever.These trend are not rising concern, instead , they are priorities that takes your organization where you want to be in coming days. 

Various trends are in priority now on and hospitality managers have to focused on them to reflect personality of hotel. They have to ensure their brand remains the number one choice forever and they are up to date. Some biggest trend in Hospitality Industry are -

Health consciousness and local food

The travellers will be health conscious focusing more on fresh, locally grown organic food. They are no longer going to have your imported , frozen food. simple delicious ingredients from garden is compulsory to satisfy them. It will also promote brand of hotel and attract more travellers as health and Staying fit is a primary concern for all travellers now.

Artificial intelligence and smart technology 

Imagine , getting from an aeroplane, registering in to hotel directly from Airport terminal booths, being served by robots and checking - out directly settling bills from room through smart property management system. Many establishments still cannot offer such smart technology but now it's time to offer. You have to be up-to-date with technology and should invest more on it. Non hotel can survive with 80's and 90's technology. You should adapt the change and respect it 

Travelling people 

The world is no longer a lonely planet with only particular segment and particular age people traveling. Young people travels mostly now when compared back to past. Similarly,We may see a lot generation gap so focusing on travelling people is also very crucial. Younger people need swimming pools , spas , jyms , recreational activities , gambling, club, modern bars and even demand more Amenities when compared to traditional people. They are budget conscious also so, they will stay where they get more facilities at a cheap cost

Online Booking , Mobile website and Apps

People are no longer going to mail you for reservation. More than 70% reservation are being made through online booking and this ratio is expected to increase by 20% over five years. It's time for you to take your business on web . You need more mobile friendly websites and Application. If you don't have one , design it. 

Changing pattern of travellers

Hospitality industry is changing and so is pattern of travellers. If you are only aiming for business travellers then you may be wrong! Family holidays and domestic travellers are very common now and their travelling will increase more in coming days. Design family rate/plan on accomodation , make their stay epic and target them as number one for your business. Moreover, people will be travelling to lesser known city and it will be worth investing in lesser known city.


Advertisement is the key . Many hospitality brands are launching their advertisement through different social medias. A trend of copy paste has flourished on internet. Travellers are not going to believe 100% in you unless you show them what your property is really. So advertise with care. Show what you have and don't waste showing what you don't have. 

Sustainable Tourism /Eco Tourism

A new era have arrived and it's time to think about it. Do you know?  tourism is responsible for 5% of global green house emissions which will increase further in future. So it's time to go green!  Water consumption,energy cost is very high among hotels and so is waste emissions. Sustainable tourism is a must trend . You have to focus in re - use , re cycle , elimination of plastic wastes,uses of renewable sources of energy. It will be beneficial to both environment ,will save your cost too in other hand. Sustainable tourism will bring positive experience and will meet needs of travellers, without compromising ability of future generations to meet their needs. It  is also helping you to protect your hospitality industry in that place for periods of time. The travellers will be choosing more friendly eco hotels than hotel that burns fossil fuels.

We might see some more trend changes still in near future. However, No matter what's the change, just focus more in consumer behaviour, technology and sustainability. Don't let your hotel operations,development destroy the local ecology, bio - diversity ,environment. Don't resist the change! implement it , respect it and more - Respect sustainable tourism the most!!

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