What is the First thing Hotel guest thinks of when entering their Hotel room?

What is the First thing Hotel guest thinks of when entering their Hotel room?

The guestroom is the main product of the hotel as it contributes to more than 50 percent of total sales. In addition to revenues , guestroom also have role in image building of the hotel. Various guest rooms are available in hotel ranging from economic to deluxe suites.

All rooms have different room numbers and we may see room numbers vary from hotels to hotels. This is mainly due to the fact that rooms are numbered either in American or in British styles. Let's illustrate it in brief;

The floors of the hotel are numbered in sequence or in series but floor 13 and room number 13 does not exist in hotel because it is considered unlucky for westerners.

British style is followed by world where, first floor begins above street level. In American style, floor is counted from ground level i.e ground level will be the the first floor.

Hotels also offer various Amenities, luxurious world class service. Millions of people stay every year in hotel and they have certain expectations from hotel as they are paying for their rooms.

Guest stay in a hotel for pleasure, convenience or from necessity , whatever the reason for stay, they will always expect certain standard of service and comfort. It is essential for each hotel employee to understand importance of guestroom for a guest. It is extremely important to understand expectation because he is paying hundreds of dollars for a room to stay. 

People nowadays travel a lot than past and expectations from hotel are on rise . Continue analysis of guest expectations is necessary.

There should be similarities in guest expectation from hotel and from a home. He should feel hotel too like his home.These similarities will be dictate by hygiene , privacy, comfortness , protection, neatness, cleanliness. This are the first thing hotel guest thinks of when entering their hotel room.

Moreover, guests also thinks of amenities in room and extra facilities like swimming pools , room service, laundry, Internet, jym , buffets lunch /dinner. Luxurious crisp smell is also a most. Hotel rooms should also be pest free. 

A dirty room with bad smell, cobwebs & bugs in wall and ,malfunctioning, uncomforting Amenities can put whole hotel down. So, cleanliness , comfortness, privacy , hygiene, amenities and extra facilities are must that any guests think when entering hotel room and should be strictly maintained by all commercial establishments.

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