Hiring Practices By Hospitality Business

Hospitality business is very large that includes Accomodation, travel & tourism, food and beverage and recreational /entertainment segments. This business is all about service and is also referred as 'people business'.

It is a industry with very high staff turnover rate so recruiting, selecting and retaining the best employee is very challenging. Moreover, handling of employee is also very challenging due to work- force diversity, work- life balance and labour law concern. New generation workforce are different who chooses for opportunities & growth rather than money. 

There are wide position in hospitality business. We need to hire various position which we fulfil from internal or external source.  Internal recruitment is easy, we already knew about our potential successor. However, external recruitment is very complex. We may face a number of challenges and people we may recruit may not be able to meet our expectations. 

So, what are our expectations? What expectations every recruiters have from potential employee? The answer is simple. They will be looking for few special traits in you. To be specific - Multi tasking , interpersonal skill , Multi lingual , team work , conflict resolution and ,the most priority , Respect for your job!

Labour force is very expensive now. Time has Changed a lot . Multi tasking is primary requirement for all hospitality business. Similarly, interpersonal skill is also very important as you have to deal with different kinds of people all day. You will need to handle various situations each day. Multi lingual is also a major priority and are considered assets in hospitality industry. You should be able to speak at least 4/5 languages. Team work is also very preferred because it gives synergy. Ability to work as team sorts all kinds of problems and last but not least have respect for your job. Remember, if you have all these skills then, you are going to reach very high one day in hospitality business. 

External recruitment is also very tricky. It is hard to discover competent employee out of available candidate from the market and to ensure right person is found for right position at right time. For efficient recruitment we should make applying for it easy and should try to attract more people.  Now , we have to choose most suitable person who met requirements for job. Hospitality business does this through interviews where academics, background,  hobbies, competencies are examined. Now , after this interview there will be situational test where candidates are checked for patience and calmness, diplomatic, technical skills. Once, they passed this test there will be background check where verification of education, training certificate, any criminal records are also checked. Previous employers may be inquired to know more about , reliability. There will be further medical examination then only you will get placement letter.

Getting into good position in hospitality industry at reputed property is not easy. Every minute details,traits  are monitored. further, there will be hundreds more like you. hiring practices is same as mentioned above so please be prepared with perfect C.V ( curriculum vitae) , cover letter , Academic certificate copies, training accomplished certificate copies , work experience copies and any special accomplished certificates you have achieved in life. 

Hospitality business is affected by economy. There will be more demand of vacancy during good times while there may be job cut during sick economy/ hard times. Your life is all set once you reached at reputed good brand so have patience, do hard work and focus more in you to develop yourself. Reach at level where you are capable of! Don't stop dreaming. 

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