How Hollywood got Hotel Management all wrong?

How Hollywood got Hotel Management all wrong?

Hotel management and Hotels are portrayed in different movies. Mostly all Movies in present generation have hotel scenario. We can also learn a lot about hotel from movies like the way hotel managers handle situations, the way hotel staff speaks and behave with guest( respect and politeness). Different Hotel movies are made so far ranging from Grand Hotel ( 1932) to Best exotic Marigold Hotel ( 2012). Hotels are also highlighted in every James bond series.

Movies focuses in beautiful luxurious property with best in class amenities, high class of service, aesthetic dinner, buffets, every services in call / tap. They are all the side of hotel which they want us to show. Hotel are more what they hide then what they show. Every hotel has two sides ,just like the coin.

Hollywood is all wrong about hotel and hotel management. So what are the dark side of hotels that Hollywood don't tell us??

Hotel industry hits number one rank in most cases of harassment and high staff turnover rate and staff are forced to work for 16 to 18 hours. The job also don't pay enough.

Let's start with hygiene , the glasses in guestroom are never washed. They are simply wiped and made shiny. Moreover, have you ever checked the blanket? Blankets in hotel rooms are the most dirty. Simply take the blanket cover out and see! Similarly, though all guests are same, hotels never treat all guest same. Guests are discriminated according to their income. For example, guest with high background and prestige in society is going to receive special care, more VIP privilege. Hotel discriminates guest.

Moreover, do you know one thing? If you are a celebrity/ millionaire and everytime you check in hotel , your favourite drinks are only provided. Rooms are decorated in way you like. How is that possible? Have you ever wondered? it's because hotel are discreetly recording you , your behaviour, your habits and every details. All guests favourite drinks , habit ,preferences are recorded. They have maintained separate database for this.

Service is no longer hotel priority now. You have to pay more to get efficient services. Tip well and you would be treated best. 

A lot of people dies in hotel everyday. Their bodies are simply removed from backdoor & rooms are deep cleaned , thus letting another guest to check - in. They don't quarantined the room for 14 days which is mandatory rule. Also, death of guest is shown in hospital rather than in hotel. 

Similarly, prostitution is very high in hotel especially among star hotels. Due to the privacy, many top rank personnel /politicians have made hotels their private brothel. Police never raids star hotels(it may be raided only in nation crisis , nation emergency period)

Hollywood never illustrate this about hotel. Only aesthetic and luxurious side is portrayed making people believing in the shown side. Most people even dream  of staying in five star hotel imagining about its services/ amenities/ buffets . One also have to understand the dark side of hotel and what hotel actually are. I suggest you to watch "Benny and babloo " movie, which is also one of my personal favourite to understand more about hotel business. 

Thus, Hollywood got hotel management all wrong. 

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