How can You Prevent Food Cross Contamination to occur?

How can You Prevent Food Cross Contamination to occur?

Cross contamination is the most common form of contamination. A food is said to be contaminated if it contains harmful germs, pathogens in it. Contaminated food is the primary source of illness and food poisoning. A chef , Restaurant owner and Food and beverage service personnel equally need to be very careful about cross contamination. Cross contamination is the accidental transformation of germs/bacteria from raw food to cook food.

Food to food contamination is very common.

Cross contamination are three types :-

1. Direct

2. Indirect

3. Air - borne

Direct Cross contamination occurs if we store raw food above cooked food in refrigerator or any place. The dripping of juice, water from raw food to cooked food also contaminate the cooked food. Thus, such type of carelessness should be avoided

Indirect cross contamination occurs if the same knife , chopping board which is used to handle raw meat,food again is used to handle cooked meat, food. The germs from raw meat will contaminate the cooked meat . Separate chopping board and knife should be used to handle raw food and cooked food

Air - Borne cross contamination occurs if we accidentally sneeze/cough in prepared food items . The germs during sneezing and coughing contaminate the food .

Cross contamination is fatal and can badly degrade our hotel reputation.

prevent mixing of raw food and cooked food directly or indirectly and washing  your hand properly before touching any cooked food will prevent 70% chance of cross - contamination.

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