How to stay healthy when you don't have enough money to afford lots of food?

How to stay healthy when you don't have enough money to afford lots of food?

Of course , Money helps to buy heathy food but you don't have to be wealthy to be healthy! We can stay healthy also if we don't have money to afford lots of food. 

There is no any secret Ingredients for remaining healthy , it all depends upon focus and upon you. Your eating habits , your food preferences determines it. So, how to be healthy with a very tight budget?

First of all, drink plenty of water as your body fluid will be balanced by water. It is freely, easily available everywhere so concentrate . It will also help you in decreasing body fat. Moreover , enough green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits. They are not so expensive . You can reduce this cost further by planting veggies in your own garden. Now, let's talk about meat! It is expensive. It is not necessary that you have to consume meat regularly to remain healthy. Just replace meat with other proteins. For example- egg, legumes are also very good in protein. Similarly, if you have habit of junk food and eating at hotel just remove it completely. Junk food are not going to make you healthy . Instead, they will make you more prone to heart disease, cholesterol. For best results cook at home!

Now , you have to remain committed to exercise. Just exercise 40 minutes at home daily. It is not mandatory to go jym and hit weights for remaining healthy. Similarly, consume healthy diets often and create shopping lists within your budget. Rice, potato are also cheap source  of      carbohydrates very easily available.

Eat enough eggs and drink milk. You could afford that easily, by just reducing your costs a bit. Avoid smoking and drinking .  Eggs are really nutritious. Exercise regularly. Don't hit gym. just regular physical exercise. Eat salad, enough green vegetables and plenty of water . You are going to stay healthy even if you don't have enough money to afford lots of food.

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