Safety, Hygiene And Cleaning Practises After Covid-19

Safety , Hygiene And Cleaning Practises After Covid-19

Hygiene and cleaning practises are equally important in both hospitality industry and other industry. They were Continuously maintained in all establishments but with rise of covid, hygiene has now become more than cleaning. High standard of hygiene and cleaning are very essential to create perfect environment for guests as expectations from guest has further increased. Moreover, it also creates brand image, reduce employee & guest infection , take our business to next level by speeding recovery process.

With thousands of Property shut down,thousands more on a single digit occupancy rate and thousands owner uncertain about future, hospitality industry is on a edge of cliff hoping for recovery with "Safe guest, safe stay" as primary motto. However, the process is not going to be easy.

covid is a respiratory illness caused by Corona virus. It transfers from one person to another person on close contact,( within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes), with infected person or by touching eyes, nose, mouth with infected hand (after touching infected surface). It can be prevented!

The safety protocols on cleanliness and sanitation has further increase in hotel with burden being dumped on Housekeeping department . but, not only housekeeping department , every department should be made accountable on hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness. Will we be able to start our business? The answer is definitely "yes".  

Deep cleaning the property will be our starting option along with hiring team of hygiene managers or experts. This will help us in formulation of special plan, policies, instructions and evaluation for quick response. Using disinfectant help us to eradicate virus but it should be from reputed, certified brand. Similarly, the public areas should be disinfected at least once an hour or depending upon use of guests. Hotels should focused on disposable items rather than luxury. furnitures in guest room should be disinfected along with guest bed , bathrooms.Health certificate should be made mandatory during check in of guest. Disposal gloves, Mask , face shield  should be make compulsory within hotel property. Similarly, carpets and curtains should not be used as they are very difficult to disinfect. Safe distancing protocols should be followed. Moreover, room keys , key card, cash , elevator button , ATM lounge should be given special attention with disinfecting each time. Lost and found should be handled with precautions. 

Staff should be trained about safety, hygiene and cleanliness. There should be one hygiene manager with one/two hygiene supervisors for each block. Hand wash , sanitizer , disposable mask should be made available in all floor corridors and lobby. Rooms should be cleaned only after instructions from guests with social distancing and never use vaccum cleaners. Cleaning equipment used to clean one room should not be used in cleaning another rooms. The number of service provided by hotel should be reduce with spa , fitness club and swimming pool close. Conference halls , restaurant areas are to be deep cleaned. Similarly,Small things should not be neglected for example extra attention is required for Door handle, light switches, guest shoes . Routine check up of staff is also very vital at entrance get. Any ill/suspected staff should be isolated immediately. It is advicable to close staff common areas. 

Deep cleaning and disinfecting are our main options which will be guided by certified hygiene manager. Burden for hotel employee will be excessive as they they will be protecting themselves and protecting guests so employee should be scheduled duty only three days a week or four days a week to make sure they have enough time for family also. Fighting against virus is not like chasing a rat / monkey , trapping lizard so, every staff should be well attentive towards safety, cleaning and hygiene. Signage board should be used in every available corner to make sure everyone is aware. Similarly, there should be provision of proper waste removal . Waste shouldn't be kept in Property for longer amount of time.

For effective cleaning practise, two special team under hygiene manager should be designed.while one set team works , next set of team to evaluate first team. Room space should be ozonated. Similarly, if any guest is found to have covid symptom, he should be kept in isolation with all areas disinfect immediately in property. Hotels should also keep record of all people so it will be easy to track people in case needed. 

Many hotels are also being made isolation/ quarantine centre. More special care has to be taken after being converting into quarantine centre. For example All extra amenities from room should be removed along with hotel recreational facilities shut down. Hotel is to be liable to  arrange all extra needs like simcard, groceries,special requests as movement of quarantine guest is not recommended. Housekeeping staff should take care of towels and bed sheets . It should not be scattered , instead, collect slowly. Bed linens & bath linens should be washed under required temperature for required time. waste materials should not be mixed with other wastes. Housekeeping staff should not enter such room with out proper health gear facilities. It will be much better to enter such room with personal protection equipment.

It is possible for hotel to operate but only with strict polices ,standard. Medical facility should be abundant in proper collaboration with municipality/state. Similarly, disinfectant of every surface should be made mandatory in all public areas. There should be handwash , disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, face shield , disposable mask in every guest room, lobby and corridor. Cleaning equipment used in one room should not be used in cleaning another rooms. Moreover, all places should be inspected by hygiene supervisor in every hour. Mobile friendly property management system will be very much recommended 

Operating under covid is great challenge for a hospitality property so, team work is a must. The challenges are many but together we can win. Remember, tough time don't last forever !!

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