Ways to Make the Best of Russian Salad

  Ways to Make the Best of Russian Salad

Russian salad is very famous throughout Russia and now available worldwide. It was invented in 1860 by Lucien Oliver . The place of origin is believed to be Moscow. 

1/2 cup = 113 gram

1 cup =    226 gram

Russian salad recipe

Mayonnaise.                    1 cup

Sugar.                              30 gram

Apple.                              2 pieces

Boil potato.                     1/2 cup

Peas.                                1/4 cup

Beans.                              1/4 cup

Carrot                              1/4 cup

Whip cream.                  1/2 cup

Grapes.                            1/2 cup

Methods of Preparation :-

  • Mix mayonnaise , cream and sugar by whisking
  • Add dice apple cubes , mix it properly , add grapes and also mix it
  • Boiled potatoes, cut into cubes and mix it (do not over boil )
  • Blanched the vegetables ( beans, carrot , peas)
  • Add blanched vegetables. Stir properly
  • Served chilled at 5 degree Celsius.
  • Garnish with boil eggs.

Chef Note: Do not over boil the Vegetables and for best results always serve Russian salad chilled. 

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