Why Hospitality Personnel Should Avoid NIC Asia Bank in Nepal?

 Why Hospitality Personnel Should Avoid NIC Asia Bank in Nepal?

There are 27 class ' A ' (commercial bank) , 20 class 'B' (Development bank) , 23 class 'C' (finance companies) in Nepal. Working in hospitality industry is very highly rewarding as there are bonus, tips , allowance, salary e.t.c. saving is very much Important because our future is unpredictable and financial backup is always required when we loose the job. 

Saving money doesn't make us rich but not saving money can make our live worst. Bank are safe places to keep money and we may earn extra little amount of interest also every month. However, all banks are not same. You have to be extra careful with banks especially in tier 3 countries. 

It is wise to choose bank that offer bonuses , rewards , high interest rate on saving. Corporate social responsibility and new technology are not only enough to gain trust of customers. 

Hospitality personnel should avoid NIC Asia bank in Nepal which is one of the class 'A' institute with many branches. It is very notorious for providing poor quality of service and not caring about customers. The service in Kathmandu valley is very good but outside the valley, the worst!! It will be very good idea to switch from NIC by just opening a free account in Nabil bank or in standard chartered. 

There are several reasons why hospitality Personnel should avoid NIC Asia bank, the first one being :

Loyalty means nothing- 

They don't have respect for their loyal customers. No matter how long you have been using their facilities and services ,they simply don't care about it. You will be treated like no one. 

Most expensive debit card and credit card charge - 

They will charge you almost double than other bank for credit cards. Usually 40% of credit cards are delivered after one month with late fine dues being charged. They will charge you even more interest if you don't pay credit dues in time.credit card don't functions ocassionally The interest rate is very higher than other banks. Similarly, if you loose your debit card then, it will also be your worst experience. 

Grievance department is name only -

Just expect how can we help you and sorry. Their is nothing they can do. 

Bad customer service -

Customer service outside Kathmandu valley is very disappointing. Even regional manager branch are worst. Sometimes you will be charged of even closing bank locker. 

Excessive hidden fees -

Hidden fees are very expensive. You will be charged around three time a year for different services. Even if your credit card dues are paid with interest and you are not using the card, you have to pay the certain amount. Customers are not even mentioned in time about deducted balance. Hidden fees are intentionally charged.

Zero years of experience staff -

It is very hard to find experience and dedicated staff in NIC Asia bank. Staffing is very poor. Even I have encountered such incidents with poor staff in NIC Asia regional branches. They can't even solve a problem or refer it to their seniors. 

Slow Remittance  - 

Remittance service is very slow outside the valley because of bank staff. They are really slow. 

They hide your feedback -

Feedbacks are every where. They will tell your real position and reason why you are failing. Feedbacks should be immediately corrected and taken into action in all forms of industry. However, the scenario is opposite with NIC ASIA. They hide customer feedback and only show what they want to show. 

If you are thinking about opening account in NIC Asia then, Think not twice but thrice. If you already have account, it will be better for you to switch/change account and transaction to other banks. Joining Nabil bank or standard chartered will be very wise choice and going to save your lot of money as interest in future. Be smart live smart!! Their slogan ''bank Pani Saathi Pani" is whole wrong and needs correction. 

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