How Work-Life Balance in Hospitality Industry Makes you a Better Lover?

 How Work-Life Balance in Hospitality Industry Makes you a Better Lover?

"Don't confuse having a career with having a life." - Hillary Clinton

Human beings require time for both work and other personal aspects of life. Our professional life should not dominate our personal life or else, business life will tear personal life apart. Tearing both career and loved ones.

Work life balance is very essential to improve physical, mental health. It is directly related with Productivity, performance. It is one of the best motivation technique and may also help in retention of employees and attract employee towards company.

It has been estimated that 5 out of 10 People quit their job in hospitality industry due to work life imbalance as hospitality industry is 24 * 7 * 365 industry and may include duty shift of 12-16 hours a day. Everyday is a new challenge. Long hours duty, unpredicted work hours , uncertain weekend/festival off is very common. 

Hospitality Employee have very little time for their belove ones, family and personal life. Time with family on festivals, special occasion will definitely be missed. It is harder job with lot of opportunities and challenges but it not impossible to create Work-Life balance. Good things don't come easily in life !

I have seen, talented hospitality managers/owners ruined by alcohol addiction, Master chefs loosing their loved ones, home, children due to divorce and frustrated hotel personnel falling into depression , various mental problems. Some people may even forget themselves, who they actually were in pursuit of their successful professional career and money.

"If you live for money, no amount will ever satisfy you".

People have unlimited needs which can be segregated into lower level and higher level . Lower level need is met by working while, higher needs required leisure and time. 

There should be balance between our personal life and career. Long working hours, increased responsibilities, caring business even after work hours from home, stress at work place may create no boundary between home and work thus, one may loose focus and concentration. Relationship will also be seriously affected ultimately leaving control over life. 

Similarly, people working in hospitality industry are also five times more likely to fall into alcohol addiction when compared with other industries. Employee work like machine and have no social life. Most works are to be done manually. Working in any job is stress but hospitality jobs are extra stressing. 

Work life imbalance can also result in cardiovascular diseases and serious mental illness. So, it is very important to separate it. You can never satisfy with job unless you are satisfied with life. 

It is not impossible to create work life balance. Vacation, making time for your personal interest - hobbies, beloved ones, medication, exercise will easily help you to create work life balance. Remember to work a job that you enjoy. It will make you more successful ,happy and create job satisfaction.

Your success can be your failure . Though, you may success in professional life ,you may fail on becoming a good parent, good husband/wife , good individual if you don't maintain work-life balance for longer time. You have to manage burden of the paid work or else everything you earned will worth nothing. 

Have a life and business. Remember, you are not a remote, controlled by batteries. Learn your limits and take care of yourself, more importantly, Value your loved ones.

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