Sure Stay Hotel Group - A Great Value For Money

          Sure Stay Hotel Group - A Great Value For Money

Surestay hotel group by Best Western has brought a huge revolution in the franchise hotel industry. Though it is operated and run by Best Western, the two are not linked with the same website so, surestay groups operate independently through a separate website. Sure stay hotel group primarily targets economic to mid-scale segment consumer and is gaining popularity as a number one choice among them.

surestay brands are surely the best economy option operating with a distinct remarkable slogan "if something goes wrong, we will make it right !! they are also offering best discounts under various schemes - friends and family, membership discount e.t.c . The hotels are valued as value for money guaranteed because the franchise has set minimum criteria more  than 3.5 stars in TripAdvisor or else, necessity improvement action would be taken.

Best western will go through renovation spending billions during a pandemic but it is in doubt that surestay hotels will not be renovated. However, SureStay hotels are operating under strict hygiene and sanitation protocols with customer satisfaction on the mind.

SureStay, surestay plus and surestay signature collection is its distinct brands that are also offering free internet service and a complimentary breakfast.  this brand has now become a customer word of mouth brand. Best western operates with 17 brands in more than 100 countries and have over 4000 hotels across the globe ensuring and meeting expectations of the customer. surestay and best western are separate because best western offers luxury accommodation and are expensive while sure stay rates are very moderate.

All feedbacks of customers are handled with care and are taken seriously which implies this brand can reach at potential height very soon. They are offering the best reasonable affordable price and value for money but the quality is a never-ending process so, let's hope they can maintain it the same over time and cope with change.

Guest may stay in a hotel for pleasure, convenience or from necessity, whatever the reason for stay, they will always expect a certain standard of service and comfort. Each hotel employee needs to understand the importance of guestroom for a guest. It is extremely important to understand the expectation of the guest when he pays for a room to stay. People nowadays travel a lot than past and expectations from the hotel are on rising. Continue analysis of guest expectations is necessary. Given that hotel is also referred to as "Home Away from Home" as there would be similarities in guest expectation further on hotel and a home. Customer should feel hotel too like his home.

These similarities will be dictated by hygiene, privacy, comfort,  protection, neatness, cleanliness. So hope 'surestay' will meet the expectations of customers and make them feel "Home away from Home".

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