How My Friend Recovered From Covid-19 In one week?

 How My Friend Recovered From Covid-19 In one week?

(Disclaimer: This article is about my friend who recovered in 1 week after being tested positive for covid. The instructions he followed are not be followed unnecessarily)

Covid-19 and influenza are similar but the virus that causes them are different. So, covid leads to severe health complications and is fatal. No proper vaccine has been developed so far due to which not being exposed to the virus will be the best solution. 

To understand covid-19 recovery we have to understand three distinct stages of virus development. Covid-19 affects our body in three different stages. 

Stage 1: This is the stage where mild symptoms of covid are seen. Cough, sore throat, fever, headache, fatigue are common in stages. This stage lasts for 5-10 days and is a critical control point because if enough Care is not taken then, more severe health complications will be seen in coming days. If you visit a doctor in this stage they usually suggest you undergo plasma treatment i.e plasma from the recovered patient is transferred to sick patient to aid up the recovery process. 

Stage 2: In this stage, the covid virus will develop and attack our immune system. As our immune system is being attacked now, we may start experiencing shortness of breath. Most people realized they are infected with the virus in this stage. The doctor will recommend you tissue plasminogen activator to break clotting of blood.

Stage 3: In this stage, due to the development of the virus and it's assault in the immune system our heart, lungs, the kidney will get injured. This stage is fatal and most persons are ventilated. Doctors will recommend  'Herpin' in the hospital to prevent blood clotting in capillaries, blood vessels. This stage is the hardest one and most people fail to win this stage. 

Covid is not going to kill you at once. Though people will poor health condition, old age, are at risk. Covid will affect a person differently. Let's talk about my friend recovery whom I was helping thoroughly during his isolation.

His age was 26 years with no recorded health crisis. he was informing me about fever and tiredness on the phone. I recommended him to stay in isolation as he was wandering outside a lot. He took paracetamol and steam. Luckily, that fever doesn't last long. It was cured the same evening. Next days were going normal. He was fine on the phone. The following next day he called me again informing he has a sore throat, slight cough and fever. This was the time we became more stress. 

Yes, pandemics are stress full. It is going to affect physical health along with mental health which can even lead to fear, depression.  but, he was cool minded so, nothing I had to worry. Immediately I rushed into a pharmacy and brought him Azithromycin(antibiotics) tablets, vitamin B & C tablets,  Anti-cold tablets, CTZ tablet (anti-allergic to chest). he was taking rest, fluids, healthy fresh fruits, vegetables. As per the instructions by a pharmacist he was avoiding banana which should not be consumed. Apple will be a healthy choice. 

He has mild symptoms so, hospitalizing him was not our intention. He was kept isolation in home and I was taking close Care of him following all safety protocols. He was taking steam twice a day with Sancho, deep breathing in the steam to take out any mucus from the lungs, avoiding all cold products, cold water. Things were working out fine. More care is needed in this stage, or else it can lead to pneumonia. In the evening, he asked me to bring him Rum. It was not a good choice as one needs to avoid caffeine & alcohol. However, I didn't want to kill any of his feelings so brought him a gold rum (there is only one brand of gold rum in Nepal produced under license from McDowell - McDowell cariba; a blend of Caribbean Rum)

Lol to my surprise, he drank the whole quarter of rum with hot water and honey. The next day his sore throat was a little better. He was following all precautions. One thing I liked about him was he was hydrating himself very well. Drinking 8-10 glasses of hot water a day! He was also chewing ginger, garlic a lot during day time. In three days his sore throat was fine but he was still coughing, suffering from mild, regularly in taking paracetamol, Anti-cold tablets, Vitamin tablets, tablet CTZ, gargle povidone-iodine. He has also started taking 'Giloy' - ' Gurjo' ( Tinospora genus) from the first day. Though he was aware that, drinking more Gurjo could bring his blood pressure down, he continuedly consumed 2 glasses per day till day 3. It was the third day he realized his blood pressure was running down so, he started continuing oral rehydration salt - aka 'jeewan Jal' along with other medicines. 

He was taking nutritious diets with a lot of meat.  his favourite being boils chicken breast & a whole loaf of bread as his snack every day. His morning lunch consists of legumes, lentils, beans while dinner consists of mutton every day (mutton leg, flesh, head). The cooked meat was not oily. Simply we used to add ajwain( carom seeds, salt, black pepper, ginger garlic paste, fresh coriander and cumin paste, Turmeric). He avoided fast food totally during this weekends. 

In day 4 his fever was lower back to normal, headache has also disappeared but he was complaining about cough and sneezing. He was also complaining that his cough was more in the night- cough would deposit in the throat. So, we have decided to change the medicine. I went to the pharmacist and brought tablet Amoxycillin Enclave (antibiotics) and Ascoril D ( anti-allergic, Decongestant). He stopped eating all medicine purchased before and started only taking these with vitamin C & B. Don't take the anti-cold tablet at this time as it won't help in eradication of cough. It will make the situation worse. 

Medicines were working well for him. Even though pharmacist complaint on not to go for strong Antibiotics he refused pharmacist. I still remember his slogan " dying by taking medicines is better than dying from covid". I imagine how stressful was the time for him. by, day 6 & 7, his cough and cold were all well. Now, he was very fine and different. 

He thanked me for taking care of him after his PCR report was Negative and the most surprising best part now, he is afraid to roam outside of his own house fearing that he might contract the virus again. 

He took care of his health well thus, recovered without being hospitalization. Fortunately, home remedies worked for him well. If he has not taken care of him so well then, he might easily suffer from pneumonia thus, evolving virus to stage 2. 

Medicines, Boil water with ajwain, Turmeric powder and banjo, raw ginger chewing, steaming, fresh nutritious food, rest with peace mind were the key to his recovery. One should simply avoid oily, spicy food, high salt, sugar content. 

Around 80% can recover without any special treatment and he was among one of them. His mild symptoms at stage one were easily treated in home by following all necessary guidelines. Remember to hospitalized patients with chest pain, difficulty in breathing, tightening of the chest, unable to wake up immediately.

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