How Can We Reduce Chance of Cancer And live Healthy?

 How Can We Reduce Chance of Cancer And Live Healthily?

How can we prevent risk of cancer and live healthy

We all are aware of the fact that smoking and drinking are the primary causes of cancer. they are very likely to increase the risk of cancer. There are also many activities beside them from which we are more prone to cancer. These activities are certain environmental or behavioural triggered.

Cancer is a non-communicable disease that is mainly due to abnormal cell growth in the body. Old cells in a body don't die instead, they divide and grow in out of control way. Mutation of the gene is also causes of cancer. 

Some cancer can be treated/ cured if diagnosed in the early stages. cancer can be prevented by changing our daily activities, eating habits and lifestyles. We can prevent cancer through a properly balanced diet and just caring extra on food i.e following good eating habits. 

How can we prevent risk of cancer and live healthy

The food we eat contains Nutrients which carry out several functions in our body. Diets with more nutrients help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Prioritization of carrots, legumes, beans, nuts, olive oil, fruits, ginger & garlic, Turmeric in diet and Frequently including them in eating habit may reduce the chance of cancer by more than 60%!! 

Some common causes of cancer are :

  • Smoking and drinking :

They are the number one cause of cancer. Without a doubt, lung cancer is the number one causes of death in the world & among men. There is more than 4000 toxic carcinogenic substance present in a cigarette. By quitting smoking, one can increase his life expectancy by at least 10 years. Stopping smoking before age 35 can reduce your chance of dying by the lung, heart disease. Similarly, Drinking is also associated with liver cancer, pancreatic cancer. It is also likely to cause you more problems in life. Regular consumption may also lead to breast cancer in the female. 

  • Working in radiation and exposure to the sun :

Working in radiation and exposure to the sun are also leading causes of skin cancer. Radiation damages our DNA. Though sunlight provides vitamin D, Just avoid sunlight between 10 a.m to 2 p.m. similarly, frequent exposure to cosmic ionizing radiation also increase the risk of cancer. Moreover, we have to protect ourselves from the radiation of T.V, phone. It is best recommended not to keep the phone near to head.

  • Overweight, Diabetes and inactivity :

overweight or obesity and diabetes are associated with more than 30% of liver cancer, kidney cancer and pancreatic cancer. Avoid junk food and fast food whenever possible. Exercise at least an hour per day. It will also help to boost immunity power. This is also the reason why everyone should balance their work-life.

  •  Nail polishes and parabens makeup :

Makeup forms an integral part in daily lifestyle. However, several cancer-causing chemicals are found in certain makeup whose frequent exposure can result in skin cancer and breast cancer. Paraben is also a cancer-causing chemical found in several cosmetics.

  • Frozen food, processed food and canned Food :

Due to a busy lifestyle & busy schedule, many people have shifted towards processed food and canned food. They are not good for health. Simply, they are more likely to increase the risk of heart problems, various stomach cancers by making your immunity power in body weak. Processed food use several chemicals which can be changed to harmful chemicals when heated.

  • Eating charred meat :

Everyone loves to eat Barbecue or grilled red meat in an open flame. Eating a plate of charred meat is equivalent to smoking a packet of cigarettes. Imagine, how it is likely to cause you lung cancer!! Meat cooked by moist heat medium is considered more healthy. 

  • Chewing tobacco :

Many people start chewing tobacco to quit smoking. Chewing tobacco is also equally as bad as smoking. More than 30 cancer-causing chemicals are present in tobacco which increase even more risk of mouth cancer. 

  • Detergents, pesticides and impure water :

Detergents possess several health hazards. Pesticides are associated with vegetables and fruits. It is now a trend to use pesticides for increasing production. Detergents, pesticides are going to take you seriously ill and several types of cancer in body one day. It will be very wise to select organic food. If possible, a farm in your farmyard. Impure water has arsenic, several chemicals which also causes various cancer. 

  • Plastics :

Certainly, they have made our life easier but, neither they are good for us nor our environment. Choosing of steel or glass is a very best choice than choosing plastics.  Plastic also tends to leach cancer-causing substance when scratched. It is also not recommended to drink hot water in plastic equipment.

  • Exposure to pollutions :

Pollution is also the primary cause of cancers. Long term exposure to pollutions results in more than 50 types of cancer. 

We can indeed prevent cancer only through good eating habits and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Food has several beneficial compounds & nutrients. A study has shown that sulforaphane present in Brocolli can reduce the chance of breast cancer by 75%, selenium present in Brazil nut can help to fight with lung cancer. For healthy living, we should eat fewer carbohydrates and more proteins. Similarly, eat more Fresh Fruits, Vegetables. Avoid junk food. More importantly, Exercise every day. 

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